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Alicia Beech – Creativity in the Bay of Plenty


Alicia Beech has always loved art and for as long as she can remember, has been drawing, colouring,  painting and creating. As an only child, Alicia spent a lot of time entertaining herself, and paper, colouring in books and crayons were never far away.

Her grandmother was an artist who painted scenes from her travels around the world as well as beautiful still life pieces with water colours, gouache and oils. Needless to say she had a big influence on Alicia’s interest in art.


These days Alicia paints because it’s like therapy to her – a form of meditation. It helps her relax and escape and, as an avid daydreamer, she often finds herself thinking about art even though she’s not actively creating it.

Passionate, absolutely, but, as she’s not a fan of that word, thinks ‘obsession’ is probably a more appropriate description.

focus caught up with Alicia to find out more:

Where do you find the inspiration for your artworks?

My inspiration changes with each body of work. Often I’ll lug a pile of heavy, glossy books on the grand masters of early 20th century art out of the library. From Picasso to Kandinsky, Mondrian and Klee. Their ghosts inspire and fascinate me; they challenge me to let go and disregard convention in my paintings.

How would you describe your style and method?

Intuitive, uninhibited freestyle. I generally have no preconceived idea of what it should look like. The process of painting is cathartic. I allow myself to make mistakes, take risks and not to judge. By layering paint and playing with shapes and colours, the painting evolves.

I use acrylic paint, whatever type I can get my hands on. Fluro and metallics are my go-to. I love the way they play with the light and command attention. I like bright, bold colours that I don’t usually see in my everyday monochrome world. Colour is my drug, shifting my sense of reality, breaking the rules. I don’t paint for walls, I paint for souls.

Through my art I endeavour to reach out and challenge others to find their happy place, just like I found mine.

Tell us something you would love to do.

If I won lotto and could quit my day job, I would love to study art history.

Where can readers view your art or find out more?

You can visit my website