asking positive questions

Ask yourself positive questions


The vast majority of your day is made up of asking yourself questions. Whether it’s what you should eat for breakfast, what time you should leave for work or what shopping needs to be done, our brain is constantly active. If you ask positive, solution-focused questions you’ll find your perspective and awareness of things expands and you’ll become more aware of the possibilities available.

The questions that usually make us feel sorry for ourselves are the loop or ‘why’ questions. Why does this always happen to me? Why should I even bother? Why am I so stupid? The ‘why’ questions are limiting and lead to self-doubt and blame – of others, objects, events and the circumstances in your life.

The ‘how’ and ‘what’ questions help us overcome obstacles and challenges because of their ability to expand our thinking. By asking empowering questions such as ‘How can I improve this?’, ‘What is great about this?’, ‘How can I overcome this?’ or ‘What can I do to turn this around?’, you tap into strengthening questions that expand your awareness, opens doors to new insights and ideas and focus your mind on problem solving strategies that direct your thoughts to the goals and outcomes you are trying to achieve. It’s the process of turning lemons into lemonade.

If you engage your whole mind, body and spirit into the process of finding the positive answers that you seek, the more readily the answers will come to you.

The outcome and level of success we have, the happiness we surround ourselves in and the fulfillment we experience within our lives comes down to the choice of questions we ask ourselves on a daily basis.

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