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Chloe Wright – Supporting kiwi families at Bethlehem Birthing Centre

Chloe Wright shares her personal story of her birthing journey, and how these experiences inspired her work supporting Kiwi families.

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How IGTV can grow your business

Rivalling YouTube, Instagram has recently launched its own service to share longer-form videos. The main question is, how can YOU benefit from the latest update?

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50 things to see and do in the Bay

After exploring so many of New Zealand’s famous places over the past two years, we felt that it’s time to highlight the beauty of our own little slice of heaven.

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Viet de Cuisine – satiating demand for Asian cuisine in Tauranga

Viet De Cuisine is Tauranga’s newcomer to the dining precinct, recently replacing one of The Strand’s older players.

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focus Birthday pop-up in the sun

What better way to celebrate focus magazine’s second birthday than with a mouthwatering lunch on a beautiful winter’s day.

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Single mums thrive in business

Multitasking for single mums, who also run their own business, is the lifeblood.

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Carbs to avoid in spring to lose belly fat by summer

Though carbs considered to be devil food in most diets, common sense says not all carbs are the same. If our bodies need carbohydrates as a fuel source, they can’t be all bad, right?

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10 steps to peace and balance in your daily life

There’re lots of external conditions and internal conflicts, making our daily life more stressful. If you’re seeking inner peace and harmony, here are some practical, simple steps to increase the feeling of comfort and calmness and lower your cortisol (also known as ‘stress hormone’) level.

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Ancient Ayurvedic skincare tips that will help your skin look better

Understanding your doshas helps to take a better care of your skin!

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