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focus Birthday pop-up in the sun

What better way to celebrate focus magazine’s second birthday than with a mouthwatering lunch on a beautiful winter’s day.

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In focus: cook book, podcast for ladies and other things we loved

In focus is a fortnightly, online update on things that the focus team has loved.

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The People’s Poncho (Take advantage of the special offer at the end of this article!)

We were very excited to be asked to review The People’s Poncho and with all the rain we’ve had recently, it couldn’t have come at a better time.

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Fundraise in Style: The Art for Kids evening of fashion and art

An exclusive evening of fashion and art is happening at the Tauranga Art Gallery on September 8, 2018.

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Creativity in the Bay of Plenty – Natalya Doudell

Most of her life was spent in Uzbekistan (which was part of the Soviet Union at that time) but a move to New Zealand in 2003 expanded Natalya Doudell’s horizons and imagination.

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Sister power – cooking duo on mission to feed New Zealand

It might be a little too early to talk about an ‘empire’, but uber-talented cooking duo Karena and Kasey Bird are definitely aiming high in the culinary world.

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Ladies at Lunch: discussing work-life balance

Over a delicious meal at Harbourside Restaurant our Ladies at Lunch deliberated over our numerous questions that included work-life balance, managing expectations, technology and whether we, as women, feel supported by other women.

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Historic Village Radio station, Tauranga
Keep going! Why Village Radio volunteers never give up

It’s one of those nasty winter days, when your meant-to-be-rainproof jacket soaks through while you’re trying to lock the car.

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What’s on in the Bay of Plenty this August

Loaded Tough Guy and Gal Challenge, New Zealand International Film Festival, Groundswell and other events not to be missed this month.

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