5 essential oils every woman needs in her day



In today’s world, women especially, are running at a pretty high vibration. It seems we are doing a lot more than those before us – the pressure and expectation on us is huge and life can be very exhausting. It’s so important that we take time to simply breathe, create space in our minds, ground ourselves and rest. Sometimes it can be hard to do this, right?!  Thankfully, natural therapeutic essential oils are there for us and are an enormous help.

Here are the top 5 must have essential oils every one of us needs on hand.

Lavender oil

Lavender is hands down the best essential oil to have in the cupboard. It’s always my go to. It has a ‘cure all’ reputation, probably because of it’s many properties – soothing, calming and relaxing (which we all know) – but also has valuable properties for treating colds, allergies, easing headaches, repelling insects, magically healing burns, helping with mood swings, depression and PMS. Need I say more?

Geranium oil

Geranium is another floral godsend. If you want to strengthen the flow of subtle energy or ‘chi’ this balancing, uplifting and refreshing oil is your champion. Geranium is known to have an antidepressant quality (yes!) and is the go-to for women trying to become pregnant or who are going through menopause (think harmony and counteracting mood swings!) Psychologically, Geranium creates a sense of security and comfort …and it smells GORGEOUS.

Frankincense oil

This essential oil is so valuable for slowing and deepening your breathing; it also allays fear, anxiety, nervous tension and stress. Traditionally this oil was burnt as an offering to the gods. Said it all right there ladies, this one is for you. Perfect in a diffuser, this oil is also really good for skin care and helps to rejuvenate skin tone, prevent wrinkles and is recommended for dry sensitive or mature skin. While stilling the mind (yes please) it is known to drive away bad spirits and to break links with the past.

Peppermint oil

My dear friend Pep! The clarity oil. For digestion when rubbed clockwise on the abdomen and for respiratory problems such as sinus infections or hayfever or for colds and flu. When blended with its partner in crime, Lavender, it relieves headaches, decongests and deeply cleanses the skin (used in a facial steam). The scent can also alleviate symptoms of shock, feelings of inferiority and deepens intuitive insight. This essential oil is one of the best.

Ylan Ylang oil

Since we’re on the topic of calming the mind, it would be appropriate to mention the power flower oil Ylang Ylang. Best for treating anxiety, anger, fear and slowing the breathing or reducing the “fight or flight” syndrome. It’s also used to reduce high blood pressure and heart palpitations. While this oil creates a sense of peace for the mind, let’s not forget its famous aphrodisiac ability (and sometimes we need a little nudge in this direction!). It’s particularly suited to women as it helps them find their inner femininity, confidence and sensuality.

Notes are thanks to The Aromatherapy Bible by Gill Farrer-Halls.

Kate Shanks

Kate Shanks

Ora Aromatherapy founder

Ora Aromatherapy selects therapeutic essential oils to create the perfect blend to work on bringing peace to the mind and health to the body.