7 things your physio wishes you would do … or keep doing


The physiotherapy profession generally attracts positive, energetic people, and as much as we can, we filter that into you. Try and stay positive with these useful advice.

Put yourself first – be present in your presence

According to Eleanor Brown, “Self-care is not selfish; you cannot serve from an empty vessel”. Being overwhelmed, time poor, and running on empty will not only influence your own health and wellbeing, but will also impact others. Focusing on aspects which positively influence your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual health is a priority.

Try concentrating on breathing for a few moments, listen to music, practise meditation, engage in exercise, take a cookery course, or watch a movie – whatever forces you to slow down and live in the moment is essentially self-care, and will differ for each person. There’s a reason this is number one on our list!

Be active

You probably know that physical activity helps prevent stroke, heart attack, diabetes, osteoporosis, low mood and obesity. But did you also know it’s a primary factor in developing cancer?

There’s a reason the World Health Organization recommends exercising 150 minutes (2.5 hours) per week. It’s so we can achieve a happier and healthier life, and is easy to achieve.

Remember if it’s fun, you’re more likely to do it, so join with a friend, or group, and do an activity that you actually enjoy. Dance around the kitchen while cooking or brushing your teeth. Think outside the box – it doesn’t have to be about the gym or pounding the streets. Mix it up, and find what works best for you.

Look after your body

OK, so this is a biggie. We regularly service our cars so why don’t we do the same for our bodies? Bodies need regular replenishment (food, water, sleep), so it would make sense that a physical tune-up every now and then would benefit too, right?

Being pro-active in caring for your body, rather than waiting until things go wrong, makes it easier to get on top of ailments and injuries. Not sure where to start? That’s where your friendly Physio comes in. We’re body and movement specialists, utilising our skill and expertise to identify potential problem areas.

To quote Jim Rohn, “Take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live”.

Encourage good habits

Bad habits are hard to break, period. It takes 66 days to form a habit. That’s more than two months, and some research suggests it can take up to eight months!

The speed with which we break bad habits (such as slouching), and form good ones (like exercising regularly) depends on the person, our environment, and our behaviour. Identify someone who will positively influence you in achieving your ‘good habit’ goal. Making you feel bad for not sticking to something has been proven to have detrimental effects, so instead, find inspiration in positive affirmations. Try being that person for someone else too.

Keep up the good work

When you see a Physio, and they give you exercises, it’s for a reason! When the pain or stiffness eases, and you’re on the road to recovery, keep it going.

People who readily engage in their rehabilitation have been shown to recover faster, and more completely, plus you are less likely to suffer with the same, or similar, issues again.  It’s easy to let things slip when your condition becomes less intrusive on your life, but that’s the time you really need to keep it going in order to make as full a recovery as possible.

Stay positive

The physiotherapy profession generally attracts positive, energetic people, and as much as we can, we filter that into you. Try and stay positive in your recovery and reflect on what you can do now, that you couldn’t do before. We’re pretty good at helping you appreciate the gains you’ve made, but realistically, everyone has an off day or week, and a blip in your recovery doesn’t mean the plan isn’t working. Recognise it as a speed bump and discuss with us, so we can work together to move forward positively.

Realise we care

Physiotherapy is a partnership between you and your Physio; if we’re working hard on your recovery, we expect that you bring your ‘A’ game to the party as well, and believe me, we work hard because we care!

We wish there was a magic wand for some clients, but the reality is endless hours of behind-the-scenes research, studying, paperwork, reflecting and liaising; all so that we can do the best for you – our patients.

Our profession is a vocation and most people are shocked when they learn of our industry’s earning potential. No Physio is in it for the money, but we are in it because we are a caring profession and love what we do – helping people be the best version of themselves.  n

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