Clean sleeping: 9 tips to help you sleep well


You won’t surprise anyone by adopting clean eating habits these days. Anything food-related has been around for a while already. But clean sleeping is a new thing and there are some killer arguments to start doing that. Bad sleeping, for example, leads to obesity. Well, if THAT’s the reason, we’re so in to fix it!

So how do you actually get into clean sleeping?

1. Find out your “sleep number”. No magic and shaman rituals here. The “sleeping number” is just an exact number of hours you need to stay in bed to feel amazing. To find this out, start tracking how much you sleep everyday and how you feel after. Ditch the alarm for a weekend or two. Waking up on your own means you’ve definitely had enough sleep. A quick hint: for people over 25, the “sleep number” is normally somewhere between 7 and 9 hours (with  rare exceptions – for example, my mum only needs 5).

2. Create a “sleeping only” area. In other words, stop working, lunching and watching movies in your bedroom! Your bedroom was made for sleeping, not for, you know… not sleeping! Your brain will learn to recognise your bedroom as a quite, peaceful place, made for rest and relaxation.

3. Clean the linen. Because it is clean sleeping, after all. Ideally, your bed sheets should be changed every 1-2 weeks and pillow cases every 3-5 days. Your linen absorbs all the oil from your face and grime from our bodies.

4. Keep it cool. Too hot or too cold – either way isn’t ideal! Opt for a temperature that is a couple of degrees lower than the one you’re used to…you have a blanket for a reason! Specialists recommend somewhere between 15-19 degrees Celsius is ideal.

5. Ditch the phone. It’s a no-brainer but we keep on hugging our phones before, during and after sleep. Making sure it’s not the last thing you see before falling asleep is the best thing you can do for your health and a comfortable night.

6. Do some quiet activities instead. We don’t mean a 90-minutes yoga or meditation session…though if you’re doing this already, keep up the great work! But even if ‘yoga junkie’ is not your second name, stretch your legs and arms, bend your knees, inhale and exhale. This activity will help to slow down your breathing and heart rate.

7. Get blue light blocking glasses. The blue light produced by the screens of our gadgets stimulate our brains. You didn’t think you were able to sit in front of the computer for 8 hours in a row thanks to extra-strong black coffee, did you? Anyway, that’s something you definitely don’t want in the evening, so if avoiding your favourite series is not an option, at least watch it with blue light blocking glasses.

8. Ban your furry friend from the bed. Even though cuddling with a cute little fur baby feels like the coziest and most soothing thing, their purr or unexpected midnight fidgeting might become a huge distraction.

9. Spray lavender. Some studies prove that a sniff of lavender before bed leads to deeper sleep.