Dry January: benefits of giving up alcohol (for a while)


As the festive season comes to an end many of us start thinking about the benefits of giving up alcohol. If ‘entirely’ is too big a commitment at this stage, at least stick to a certain period of time and give your body and mind that much needed break. Here is the exact timeline of how it will thank you.

Happy hours, social events and, of course, end of the year stress-relief – seems like the Christmas break calls for an excessive alcohol intake. But after two weeks of celebrations it might be just the right time to focus on the health benefits of NOT drinking alcohol. You will be surprised how quickly your body and mind start to recover!

After a week

You might have noticed you need a few extra bathroom visits after drinking too much at the New Year party. The thing is, alcohol is a well-known diuretic and makes you lose fluid faster. Dehydration is really bad for our bodies, eyesight and mental clarity. Within a week of avoiding alcohol your hydration levels will be returning to normal. Replacing an alcohol drink with a glass of water will help speed up the process!

After two weeks

We mentioned eyesight in the previous paragraph for a reason. Alcohol drinkers often experience hypertensive retinopathy Рa condition that interferes with the way your eyes focus on images. A fortnight of sobriety can reduce your chances of getting this condition significantly by stabilising your blood pressure.

After three weeks

Keep up with this new lifestyle throughout Dry January and not only your eyes but your liver will benefit from the lack of alcohol!

After one month

Your eyes become noticeably brighter and any skin breakouts, clear up. After giving up alcohol for one month red blood cells are beginning to renew which leads to better oxygen flow in your body.