11 effective ways to quickly beat the heat this summer


It’s official: the heatwave isn’t going anywhere yet! What’s more, some South Island regions are expected to bake in hellish 40C today! Let’s admit that we need something more than just powerful after-sun beauty products┬áto ease this heat struggle. So what can you do to cool yourself and your house down? The air-cons are already sold out, just saying.

1. Hang a damp sheet in an open window or door. It will chill the incoming air a bit. This trick brought to us by people working in deserts!

2. Place a bowl of ice in front of the fan. DIY air-con never was that easy! (Just make sure your electrical outlets are out of the way of the melting ice!)

3. Freeze your spray. Keeping your favourite spray or micellar water in a fridge is a great idea. Give your face and wrists a refreshing spritz when things are getting too hot – helps to cool down the blood flowing through your veins.

4. Turn off your laptop. No jokes here, setting it onto a “low power” mode or switching it off completely when you’re not using it will prevent the battery from warming up and thus making your room even more unbearable.

5. Eat Mexican. Or Indian. These guys are used to extreme temperatures and know that chilli peppers and spices help us perspire. More into eating ice cream these days? Well, at least make sure you include hot tea into your diet.

6. BBQ your food. You definitely don’t want to cook inside now!

7. Make a rice compress. Put some rice into a cotton sock and let it cool in a freezer for two hours before bedtime. You’ll be surprised how long the rice remains cold! Slide it between your sheets and have a good night’s sleep.

8. Sticking sheets into a fridge for several minutes will also help, by the way! Though it won’t last as long as the rice compress.

9. Get low. Hot air is lighter than cold so it tends to be a wee bit cooler closer to the ground. Kids play on the floor all the time, why can’t you eat or sleep there as well?

10. Be smart with the doors. If you’re doing your best to drop the temperature in one particular room, don’t let the cool air escape into others. Close the door…chilling the entire house is a way bigger challenge and adds way more to your electricity bill!

11. Turn on your bathroom or exhaust fan. Hot air rises, remember? Just another tip to get rid of all that hot air.