In focus: vegan donuts, yoga bootcamp and other things we love


There are so many little things that make us smile every day. Whether it’s a delish organic tea, a piece of art or a refreshing workout outdoors, these things definitely deserve to be shared with best friends. From now on, we will be featuring the things we love in a fortnightly regular “In focus”. Have you spotted something worth mentioning? Let us know on Facebook!

One of our favourite places to have informal meetings or catch up with friends is Café Eden at  Décor Gardenworld in Bethlehem. The café has a beautiful deck with views over the gardening section. Birds flit in and out of the hedges and the breeze is most welcome on these hot days. The good food and pink car complete the picture.

There’s nothing like a lunchtime YogaBootcamp class at Mount Yoga! Don’t be fooled by the relaxing “Hot Pilates” description in brackets.These classes are based on the HIIT method, where short intense sets of exercises are followed by short recovery periods. Well, sort of! Those recovery periods are SO short, we never notice them! Add a signature Mount Yoga hot temperature and you get a 45 minutes killer session that’s exceptional for building a toned body, improving heart health, flexibility and elasticity. See you there at 12.10 pm?

The Nourished Eatery legendary donuts is our go-to lunch option. Baked fresh every day, they are highly addictive and rarely survive til’ happy hour at 2 pm, but if they do… oh Gosh, nothing can stop us! If you can’t decide which flavour, go for passion fruit & custard – these beauties never disappoint.

Ever heard about this guy? Several years ago Brando walked around New Zealand. Like, literally! He started at the top of the North Island and walked down along the west coast. After reaching the most Southern point of the South Island, it was time for a long way back along the east coast. It took him 600 days to complete an enormous loop of 8,000km. This tremendous journey and the incredible support he got from locals was 100% worth a book – “Wildboy“. P.S. And we seriously thought our morning 5km walks were heroic!