In focus: decorated trees at Greerton Village and other things we loved


In focus is a fortnightly, online update on things that the focus team has loved. New places we have discovered, food we’ve enjoyed and events that have made us happy – here’s a glimpse into our lives from the past two weeks.

Decorated trees at Greerton Village

Last week, we enjoyed a fun walk around Greerton Village admiring all the beautifully decorated trees.

The Community Yarn Bombers have been hard at work knitting different ‘outfits’ for the trees so, in spite of all the road works, the Village has a jolly festive feel to it PLUS the installation benefits charity.

Vote for your favourite tree and the one with the most votes gets $1,000 donated to the elected charity and $500 to the yarn bomber(s). Voting ends on the 27th August.

Banana Bread Raw Ball *limited edition*, Real Rad Food

We knew Hannah’s endless creativity would turn us into raw ball addicts! Her idea of launching a new taste-sensation every month has us glued to Instagram in anticipation of the latest updates. Any chance we can avoid describing that humiliating ‘dance of joy’ when she revealed her Banana Bread raw balls, created in collaboration with All Good Bananas? I mean, who doesn’t love bananas!

We would highly recommend getting stuck into these raw balls of delishness immediately! And if you haven’t heard of Real Rad Food, here’s everything you need to know.

Vex, Hex, Smash, Smooch. Constance Hale

A must-read for writers and all lovers of the English language! In this book Constance Hale zooms in on tangy action verbs that are capable of spicing up your prose (see? We’re doing that already!)

Bubbling with enthusiasm and passion, she shares the linguistic history, common mistakes, grammar myths and real-life disastrous examples from well-known mags and newspapers that will make you laugh your head off and, of course, there are helpful exercises to improve your style.

Besides being extremely informative, it’s also a fun, entertaining read. Constance Hale is an experienced journalist and teacher and, although the whole book is devoted to verbs, she kept us enthralled from the first til’ the very last page.

Borrow your copy at Tauranga City Library!