People over 35 can become unhappy at work


A recent study done by Happiness Works on behalf of recruitment company Robert Half showed that the older we get, the more likely we are to experience dissatisfaction and unhappiness with our jobs.

It’s not that we never realised a daily routine would become a wee bit boring but, the truth is, routine wasn’t even among the actual reasons for being unhappy!

An impressive 2,000 people aged over 18 participated in this survey. After analysing their answers, experts found that only one in ten people under 34 were unhappy at work but, in the 35-55 age group, this number grew dramatically…to one in six people!

So what’s the reason for this? As we’ve already mentioned, it has nothing to do with a boring routine of managing repetitive tasks day after day, but rather an increase in stress levels! It comes as no surprise that, after climbing the career ladder for a decade or so and scoring themselves senior positions, people started to feel the pressure and, in addition, they had the additional stress of trying to balance work, life and family! Everything combined brought  doubt and negativity into their thoughts.

While the high number of workplace people over 35 who are unhappy is quite disappointing, there’s certainly a positive note in this survey! The younger generation tends to be more satisfied with what they do and they definitely enjoy the latest trends available to them such as working out of the office, freelancing and being able to have flexible schedules. Perhaps they might find the perfect work-life solution by the age of 35!

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