Perfect excuse: today is International Donut Day!


If you’re not really into celebrating the first day of winter, cheer yourself up with something sweet… like a donut!

No need to feel guilty because the first Friday of June is officially International Donut Day! Couldn’t be a better excuse to indulge and, yes, we acknowledge that good old Kiwis call them doughnuts but since the recognition of an international day for donuts probably originated in the USA, we’ll give them the credit and call them donuts.

There is something about a donut that makes both kids and adults crave that shocking pink ring of carbohydrates, sprinkled with colourful candies and filled with chocolate. International Donut Day is a perfect moment to treat yourself and your besties to a box of delicious, scrumptious pastry. Don’t forget to share your sweet moment on Instagram and tag #focusmagazinenz.

Donuts today come in a different shapes and sizes: round, stick, twisted. Did you know, that the ‘classic’ chocolate covered delight filled with a rich cream is called a Devil Dog? Evidently the donut first surfaced in the mid-1800’s when a creative gentleman called Hanson Gregory, who had had enough of undercooked centres in his buns, decided to remove the middle and, voila! the donut was born.

Evidently, International Donut Day dates back to the First World War when a military doctor, Morgan Pett, purchased donuts to try and brighten the day of the wounded soldiers he was working on. One of these soldiers later started a fundraiser, letting the doctor continue his kind initiative. With the help of The Salvation Army they managed to give away up to 300 donuts and 700 cups of coffee per day! Soldiers all over the world loved the idea so much that The Salvation Army continued it even after the war was over.

Why not head over to one of these gorgeous Tauranga cafes for your little ‘coffee and donut’ feast tomorrow morning!

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By the way, real foodies should also mark June, 18th and July, 7th on their calendars. These are International Sushi Day and World Chocolate Day. So much fun in the next few months!