Rise and reclaim what belongs to you


Life. It can really suck sometimes, am I right? Let’s be real. It’s not all fluffy kittensand sweet smelling roses. We all face stuff, and sometimes that stuff can send us spinning wildly in a million different directions.

You might be quietly minding your own business, then WHAM! – out of the blue you get smacked between the eyes withsomething difficult, challenging or eventragic.

Yes, all of a sudden everything changes and you’re left wondering how on earth you’re going to get any semblance of your old life back.

Will it ever go away? Will you ever get better? Will your heart ever heal? Will your bank account ever recover? Will you have the future you’ve been planning for all this time, or will the world stop spinning on its axis in response to your pain?

That four letter word happens to all of us right? (life, that is).

I personally don’t know anyone who hasn’t been through a trial or two in their life, but this article is for the women out there who feel like they’ve fallen too far and can’t crawl back out of that deep dark pit. You may not have admitted this to anyone yet, but deep down you know what I’m talking about. It’s that feeling that tries to convince you that you’ve missed that crucial boat in life, or sunk to the bottom of the ocean along with it.

That feeling is more common than you may think – and know you are not alone in your leaky boat.

I once knew a woman who lost everything in life, became severely depressed and suicidal, then on top of that became a victim of a massive business scam that killed what little remaining hope she had left. After a time of deep healing, she re-emerged and ended uprunning several companies, not-for-profit organisations and being a respected business consultant in her industry.

I once knew a woman who was so burned out and stressed out for various heart-breaking reasons, that her physical health started to deteriorate in a terrible way. After two years fighting a big battle with breast cancer, the fear of losing brain cells and rendering her ‘professionally useless’ was all-consuming. She really believed it was all over for her. Today, just two years later, this woman is more successful than she’s ever been!

I knew a woman who had every excuse to curl up in a ball and fade away after years and years of physical, emotional, mental, and sexual abuse that devastated her life. Today she helps other women with their own difficult journeys by showing and encouraging them that their past does not have to define them, and there is hope and life on the other side of that healing process.

I knew a woman who gave up her career and plans, to ensure her son (who was on the spectrum) had the best chance at starting and succeeding in school. With no skills, knowledge or financial security to pad the challenge, today her son is doing better than anyone expected and the woman’s career is not only back on track, but again, doing even better than before.

Those women all have something in common. They are me.

I lived through all those things and so much more, and guess what? I’m still undeniably here, alive and straining at the gate to help you do the same.

I don’t share all this to make you feel sorry for me, or to claim the first place podium in pain and heartbreak. I understand all too deeply that the woman next to me has probably been through worse. My experiences are minuscule compared to others, but they are mine and boy have I learnt a thing or two going through them.

Here’s the beauty of what seems like a depressing illustration:

Not only have I survived all these things, but I am thriving despite all these things.

I’m still chasing down my dreams, walking every opportunity out, creating new realities and vanquishing any new enemy that threatens to parade on my future.

Was it easy? Um…NO! But is it possible? YES – I’m living proof!

How? Well there are a few things I give credit to, but I have a word limit, so I’m just going to choose one thing to focus on.

How did I turn the tables and beat down the odds? Because I decided to.

Every day I use my God-given right to choose how I respond to whatever curveballs life throws at me, and by doing so, takeback the power that difficult and inevitable challenges try to steal.

I may not be able to help what happens to me, or change my circumstances, but I can change my mind and adjust my perspective to better suit a more acceptable reality.

I can choose to believe that better days are coming, and while I’m going through the crap ones, I’m damn sure going to learn everything I possibly can.

Why? So I can be better than I was before. That much I DO have control of, and so do you!

That woman I talked about earlier – she’s not the same person she was prior to all of that crap hitting the fan. No, she’s definitely not the same … she’s actually better.

Yes, there are a tonne of battle scars and a few triggers that always make life interesting, but overall it’s true what they say, “that which doesn’t kill you, only makes you stronger”. And before you write that off as a cheesy cliché, have a look at your own life and reflect on how you made it to this very moment. Not easily I can imagine!

You know, it takes a special kind of woman to shoulder what we have. Strong, courageous, brave, resilient, tenacious, stubborn, defiant, and so many more words that I don’t have space to share. If you’ve made it this far, then you truly are that woman and I’m here to tell you that your life has so much more possibility than you can probably even imagine.

Friend, there is life on the other side of sickness, dullness, tragedy, heartbreak, disease and accidents and everything in between. There really is. Your life may have changed somewhat, but it’s not over until it’s actually over, and until then, you get to rewrite the script however you want. That’s your right – that’s the power you do actually have.

So reclaim that power and rise up to take back what belongs to you. There truly is nothing stopping you, except maybe you. So get out of your own way and light the pathway up for future generations to follow! You owe it to yourself.

Rebecca Tereu

Rebecca Tereu

Rebecca Tereu is a business advisor, speaker, encourager and author.