How to use sunscreen on the face in summer



A lot of people ask me about using sunscreen on the face and I tell them, yes, you do need to use SPF every day!

Choose one with an SPF of at least 15. One study has shown that even using a daily SPF of 10 can lower your LIFETIME amount of sun exposure by 50 per cent, which translates to less wrinkles and healthier skin as you age.

When considering the purchase of your next sunscreen make sure it is ‘Broad Spectrum’ and contains at least 5% Zinc Oxide and/or Titanium Dioxide. Broad spectrum means it is both a physical sunscreen as well as a chemical sunscreen; it therefore reflects and absorbs harmful UV rays. The role of the Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide is to reflect these dangerous UV rays off the skin.

Make a habit of including sunscreen as part of your morning routine – regardless of what the weather’s like outside or your day’s activities – and keep antioxidants as a staple in your supplements and diet.

Mineral make-up

Did you know not all mineral make-up is pure mineral? Many brands have jumped on board the growing trend towards mineral make-up and say they are mineral because their make-up contains some minerals. Many of these brands still include fillers, talc and a range of preservatives that may not be ideal for the health of your skin.

Pure mineral make-up is non comedogenic (doesn’t block pores), cannot attract bacteria and, in many cases, is referred to as skincare rather than make-up. It also offers sun protection in some cases.