10 tips to improve your home interior


As an interior decorator and consultant, my passion is making interiors practical, beautiful and affordable. You don’t have to spend a fortune on refurbishing your home, and remember, your home is about you and your taste.

If you have to pick one room to start with, make it your living room; then move on to the master bedroom. These two rooms are the most important because the living room provides the atmosphere for the family and the bedroom is a place of intimacy and somewhere to retreat to.

Little things can make a big difference to any home!

10 tips to make a fresh and easy start

  1. Spend some time clearing things away and decluttering. Beautiful interiors create more impact with clear space.
  2. A lamp and rug to complement your furniture and colour theme are ideal cheaper purchases. Lighting creates a ‘feel’ to a room and a rug ‘grounds’ your furniture, bringing everything together.
  3. Group your furniture, rather than arranging it around the walls of the room, or the TV.
  4. Aim to hang pictures at eye level – often they are placed too high.
  5. Arrange hanging photos together to create a gallery effect.
  6. Ornaments also look best in groups (of uneven numbers) rather than being scattered across the room.
  7. When you’ve got a space to fill, wait to find something you really want, otherwise you might end up with something temporary that stays for decades.
  8. Plants are a wonderful way to soften a room or fill a space – just make sure they’re looked after and given an occasional dust!
  9. When building or buying a home, leave some money in the budget for decor and beautiful lighting.
  10. Smile factor is important! Add something to your home that makes you smile every day.


About Annette Yeatman

Annette Yeatman owns Amy Interiors and offers affordable consultation packages. Prior to moving to New Zealand in 2000, she lived in Zimbabwe, where she refurbished hotels and commercial offices, and was involved in the design and production of a range of fabrics, furniture and accessories. Annette now works primarily in the domestic market and can help clients wanting a complete redesign, or just a few hours’ consultation.


Words Annette Yeatman