5 beauty products to try this summer


We give you our honest feedback on different products to try. We only feature those that we have enjoyed and believe you will like.

Clean Living Treatment Butter

The Clean Living Skin Care range was created by a PhD. qualified research chemist with a passion for non-toxic, sustainable living. The Treatment Butter contains botanical oils and waxes for long lasting, intense hydration and high concentrations of natural Vitamin E and rosehip oil.

50g $42


Abi: “I’m hooked. I can’t rave about it enough!”

Dee: “A lovely, earthy fragrance that’s perfect for use on hands, elbows and heels. I’ve definitely seen a marked improvement in my skin.”

HoneyBliss Roses & Honey Light Moisturiser

A boutique range of skincare and healing balms featuring active manuka honey, aromatherapy and beautiful botanical ingredients, many of which are locally grown.  The products are designed to protect, restore and encourage skin health.

50ml $49


Dee: “I LOVE this! For even more hydration I used this over the Roses & Honey Hydrating Serum.”

Robyn: “Super-impressed. I love the smell and it’s definitely improved my skin.”

HZP+Co Splashwater

Most of us would love a helping hand or ‘tool’ to assist with our little ones’ (and big ones’!) emotions when they’re out of whack. Whether they’re happy, sad, nervous or excited, kids can help manage these feelings themselves in a natural and fun way. Uniquely blended, naturally fragranced and perfect to keep in the school bag, car, handbag and bedroom. Fine for all skin types and safe to spray on anything…just keep it out of their eyes.
There are three different sprays – Calm Me Down, Wake Me Up and Freshen Me Up.

100ml $18.50


Robyn: “My kids loved this and so did I. My favourite was Calm Me Down – I sprayed it on my pillow at night.”

Judy: “I’m quite sensitive to fragrances and was pleasantly surprised with the citrusy scent. I used the Wake Me Up mist which, I felt, gave me a bit of a pep up in the mornings.”

Nourishe Skincare Face Cream

Natural skincare that provides healing, nourishing and effective results with medicinal herbs that have been used successfully for centuries. These products are handcrafted in small batches using all natural ingredients including medicinal herbs and essential oils to ensure your skin is soothed, moisturised and beautified. Free of all nasty chemicals, artificial fragrances, colourings, mineral oils, petrol chemicals, silicons, sulfates and parabens and not tested on animals.

60ml $42.90


Megan: “My skin just absorbed this. I’m prone to breakouts so I was pleased that it wasn’t too heavy. Loved the smell and easy application and, of course, the fact that the products aren’t tested on animals. My mum used the Hydrating Face Oil under the Face Cream which gave her the nourishment and hydration she was after.”

Revitalising Shampoo and Nourishing Conditioner

Created by two friends with a mutual desire to provide affordable, natural skincare whilst, at the same time, honouring their love of the Pacific. The products are paraben and sulfate free, vegan friendly and gentle on your skin.

250ml $26 (set)


Millie: “I loved using this shampoo and conditioner and not just because of the gorgeous fragrance! My hair felt light, soft and easily manageable for several days afterwards, which is always a plus. The products include nourishing essential oils for cleaning and protecting hair and scalp and Pro Vitamin B5 for shine.”

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