Building better relationships through trust


Earlier this year my husband gave a speech on TRUST to a local networking group. I found the topic inspired the listeners and, since focus is all about stimulating, inspiring and empowering our readers, asked if I could turn this into an article for the magazine. So here it is…

First impressions may be based on how we present ourselves but lasting impressions are created by how we act.

Our actions define us. They shape our perception of each other. They speak even when our mouths are closed. In fact, they shout so loudly at times they drown out whatever it is we may actually be saying!

It’s the consistency of our actions, evaluated over time, that leads to the building of trust. And relationships live or die on TRUST.

What then is TRUST? How do we develop TRUST and how do we maintain it?







Truth is the starting point for the development of TRUST. It’s the foundation of every relationship and the level of truth determines the strength of each relationship – truth in everything we say supported by truth in everything we do.

Truth simplifies things significantly. It takes less effort than lying and it sure makes us feel a lot better about ourselves and those with whom we are building a relationship.

Out of truth we build…


Respect for the individual, respect for the business, respect for each other.

Everyone has strived to get where they are, to have what they have. We need to respect that each of us has worked for what we have achieved. Respect, after all, is earned!

Our appreciation of each other enables us to develop…


Understanding the needs of the other person or business.

Each of us has specific needs that are important to us. Taking the time to listen, to ask and follow through, enables us to better understand those needs.

Only when we understand a person’s needs can we give them what they’re asking for and in a way they want to receive it.

Identifying and understanding these personal or business needs means we can provide the desired…


With support we can reach our goals more easily. Individually we can achieve a lot, but together we can achieve so much more.

Support in personal endeavours or support in business – it’s about becoming part of the other person’s support team. Support is about you, and you being able to rely on me.

Too much reliance can lead to vulnerability, and none of us likes being vulnerable. That is why there also needs to be…


Just as Truth is the foundation of TRUST, Transparency is its pinnacle. Transparency means allowing yourself to be vulnerable in your relationships:

Complete openness = Complete transparency.

Complete transparency means the other person can see if you are:

  • telling the Truth
  • showing genuine Respect
  • expressing a level of Understanding
  • prepared to offer Support.

All relationships are based on TRUST. The higher the level of TRUST, the better the relationship.

How do we develop TRUST?

By following a simple recipe with:

  • Truth as its base
  • Respect, Understanding and Support as the filling
  • Transparency as the topping

How do we maintain TRUST?

By consistently applying the recipe – no short cuts.

Oh, and this recipe is also:

  • 100% calorie free
  • 100% good for you

So start building better relationships today with yourself and with others.