Are Lime e-scooters coming to Tauranga?


Lime e-scooters were developed in California in 2017 and, this year, have literally taken New Zealand by storm. The app allows you to borrow a scooter anywhere around town and easily leave it at your final destination for the next rider to use. It was only launched on 15th October in Auckland and Christchurch but already has over 100,000 registered users. And counting!

With a max speed of 25 km/h and a battery that lasts for 35 kms, these neon green beauties would be a perfect fit for a Tauranga lifestyle. They are very easy to ride, cost only $1 to unlock and 30c/min to use and would solve many problems with parking at The Mount on a busy summer’s day. The e-scooter can be left anywhere that is not in the way of other transport or pedestrians.

Great news: Lime might actually be coming to our city really soon!¬†According to the NZ Herald website,¬†Lime’s New Zealand launcher Hank Rowe has already arrived to talk to Tauranga City Council. Hank says they are ready to launch as soon as all the needed permits are given.

Right on time after Uber and Uber Eats – we already can’t imagine our life without those awesome services. Obviously, we can’t wait for this new app to make our life even more fun!