4 lifehacks for an efficient workplace


Modern lifestyle requires maximum efficiency and productivity at work. We learn to multitask, discover more and more time-management tricks and use endless apps and tactics to boost our speed and productivity. In all this chaos it becomes really difficult to spot the common problem, often preventing workers from achieving the best results, and that is the lack of organisation in the workplace.

A messy, poorly organised work space demotivates most people and can negatively effect the time you need to tick things off from your daily to-do list. Just imagine, an average worker spends about an hour each day simply trying to FIND the documents he or she needs. That is five hours per week or 240 hours a year that you could have spent being productive instead!

Luckily for you, we’ve created a really easy and helpful step-by-step guide on how to turn your desk into a comfortable and efficient work space!

1. Take a photo of your table

Nonsense? Don’t be too quick to judge! This simple step is a game changer! The new perspective from the photo helps you to see things with a fresh eye. Have a closer look now: are you happy with what you see? Are you really keen to work here? And if not, what exactly don’t you like?

It’s not always about a messy table, of course. There are loads of other things that might be distracting. For example, an outdated lamp that’s secretly annoying your stylish personality or the fact that your things are on the left-hand side of the table and you are right-handed!

Identify these little things that might be negatively affecting your workflow, write them down and start thinking how to fix them!

2. Get rid of stuff!

Do you keep things on your desk that you might not need again? Perhaps it’s a plan of the presentation you did two weeks ago (what if someone missed an important point and you’ll need to show it again?), or an extra pen your colleague accidentally left while chatting to you (you will definitely return it …one day…), or a helpful book you’re aiming to use everyday but never actually do.

It’s time to look at your stuff critically and get rid of those things you don’t use on a daily basis. Feeling bad about throwing away someone else’s pen? Put it into a special box ‘For things I don’t use everyday’ and hide it under the desk. The fewer distractions you have in front of you the more productive you’ll be at work!

3. Categorise

Remember that box of things you don’t use every day from the previous paragraph? It’s actually the first step to categorising your work-related items. Divide everything you keep on your desk into several categories: daily needs, extra stationery, rarely used documents and ‘I have no idea how this even got here’. Allocate a box or locker for each category and make sure these items stay there and are returned to their place every time you use them.

But be smart! Don’t put important items too far away, don’t leave your stationery where you can accidentally scatter it and don’t pretend the cute little plush toy on your desk is really ‘the most important item I can’t live without’.

4. Create an atmosphere

Ok, we’re not the mean cleaning monsters and know that after a massive clean-up comes the most pleasant moment: creating the right atmosphere to get those creative juices flowing. Some people work well in large light-filled open spaced offices whereas others prefer to have their own cosy space and might put out a pot plant or personal photo or two.

Figure out what helps you to perform at your best and see if you can implement this at your workplace.