Best tips from mums


“Use a timer when you’ve got something in the oven.”

This has saved me from countless disasters! I’ve been known to put the timer on to alert me when to put something on to cook, and then again, so I know when to take it out of the oven.

Carol Garden and her mum, Maureen

I think my mum was ‘green’ before it was the ‘norm’ to be so. She would use baking soda for all sorts of things … a cleaning agent, stain remover, carpet freshener, tooth (and clothes) whitener and deodoriser, and my favourite one was making a paste to put on bee stings – the pain disappeared immediately.

Mary Parker will always remember this great advice from her mum, Molly

The best advice was something my mum said to me when I had my first baby 13 years ago. It was to find time each day to do something nice for yourself. Be it a cup of tea and a sit down for 5 minutes, going for a walk, reading a chapter of your book or fav magazine. I found this advice to be so important especially in the early days of having two little girls in nappies! I’ve just started taking 10 minutes each night to meditate. Thanks for the great advice Mum, love Jacqui xx

Jacqui Dickinson and her mum, Kath

“You just need to be yourself because everyone will love you.”

She also told me to look in the mirror every morning and tell myself what a strong, clever and beautiful women I am.

Taryn Joseph and her mum, Ann

My mum looks amazing for her age. She told me her secret is having aloe-vera juice and flaxseed oil every day! I now do the same just so I can hopefully keep youthful, like her!

Keryn Jarvis and her mum, Kay

“Be truthful to yourself and treat others how you would like to be treated.”

“Never be afraid of the dead, it is only the living that can hurt you.”

Caro Richards and her mum, Merlyne

Mum’s advice was to always keep some money aside for your own ‘pocket money’ so you had some independence. So I’ve always had an account of my own with money in it to spend as I wish.

Sharon Giblett and her mum, Lynette

“Not to be so hard on myself; Stand up straight, shoulders back; Treat those the way you want to be treated; Be patient, good things come to those who wait; Love yourself; Don’t wish away your life, take everything in, embrace it”; and, this is a biggie, “Don’t sweat the small stuff.”

Ashlyn Rose Craig and her mum, Heather

“Always treat others how you would like to be treated.”

This is now my daily motto.

Sam Crapp and her mum, Cindy

“Work out the meals you’re having for the week then write your shopping list.”

This advice has saved me heaps of money, and a lot of stress. At the end of a long day, I didn’t have to think ‘what are we having for dinner tonight?’ I had already worked it out and had the ingredients on hand. If something came up, I could easily swap meals around. A real life-saver!

Margaret Stodart and her mum, Vera

“Live within your means and never spend money you don’t already have.”

I have applied this throughout my life and save up for items I want before buying them, which means we happily live completely debt free.

Ellen Place and her mum, Ann