Christmas Strawberry Lime Fizz recipe



Whether you’re looking to surprise guests or just trying to avoid those extra holiday pounds, raw food could be your answer. We’re not just talking salads here! The choices are unlimited – snacks, side dishes, main courses, sweet or savoury and cakes.

Cecilia Strachan from Nurtured for Wellness recently shared some of her favourite Christmas raw food recipes during a delightful and inspiring workshop. Ten healthy food lovers gathered at her house for three hours of ‘cooking’, chatting and endless degustations. The recipes included Strawberry Lime Fizz, Savoury Balls, Macadamia Mozzarella Linguine, Tri-Coloured Terrine, Christmas Mince Tarts and, of course, a mouthwatering Raw Christmas Cake.

The best thing? All Cecilia’s recipes are easy to make at home and contain ingredients you won’t even have to do extra shopping for!

After Raw Mediterranean, Raw Asian and other workshops, her Sunday afternoon sessions have became popular – it was the second or even third workshop for most visitors. Newbies quickly became a part of the team, giving suggestions on the new places with raw food around Tauranga and discussing their favourite recipes.

Cecilia kindly shared her Strawberry Lime Fizz recipe with focus readers. Perfect as an appetizer on Christmas Day. Guests will be impressed!

Strawberry Lime Fizz

  • 1 cup frozen strawberries or mixed berries
  • 1/2 cup frozen lime juice
  • 3 Tbsp maple syrup
  • 2 cups water or sparkling mineral water or soda water

Blend all ingredients, except water, until well mixed. Add water and serve in chilled glasses. You might prefer to use champagne instead of water!

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raw food, raw food workshop, healthy food, clean eating, food

Cecilia Strachan

Cecilia Strachan

Cecilia studied Naturopathy, Nutrition and Botanical Medicine in Sydney. That was the place, where her raw food journey started, leading her to Raw Food Chef trainings in Auckland. Now she organises workshops and sells cakes and slices online and at the Tauranga Farmer’s Market.