Warm up – the healthiest and fanciest drinks to try this winter in Tauranga


If the classic lemon and ginger hot toddy is still your only go-to winter drink option, we challenge you to experiment this season! These lattes are jam-packed with nutrients to keep you energised and healthy throughout the flu months and are probably the prettiest babes on the local food scene.

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Blue Beauty Healing Elixir

What’s in it: Butterfly Pea Flower

Why you need it: The Butterfly Pea Flower is an amazing brain and memory-boosting herb that comes from Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine and is distributed by Misty Day Plant Potions.

As well as being used as a supplement to reduce stress and anxiety, it contains lots of active microelements, such as Proanthocyanidin which improves eyesight.

It also has Bioflavonoids which improve hair growth and reduce greying, and antioxidants which stimulate collagen and elastin synthesis to rejuvenate the skin and reduce wrinkles. Finally, flavonoids work as an antimicrobial agent, which makes the elixir a perfect cold-preventive drink!

Where to try: The Nourished Eatery (114 Willow Street)

Turmeric Latte

What’s in it: Turmeric

Why you need it: ‘Golden milk’ is the new health craze. Its anti-inflammatory properties reduce skin redness and irritation, and prevent moisture loss in skin. Studies show curcumin in turmeric can protect against Alzheimers and is good for keeping your brain healthy overall. The same element is the best buddy for fitness-junkies, as it reduces muscle soreness. Anti-bacterial qualities of turmeric relieve stomach pain and reduce infections in the gut, to say nothing about the proven ability to delay the onset of Type 2 diabetes!

Where to try: Wild One Wholefoods Eatery (9 Prince Ave)

Maca Mocha

What’s in it: Maca powder, raw cacao, dandelion root, chicory root

Why you need it: Just like pretty much everything coming from Peru in the Andes, Maca is charged with good stuff. It enhances energy without the side effect of ‘jitters’ that we often get from caffeine-based drinks. By preventing spikes and crashes in blood sugar, it keeps you in a good mood and may also help to prevent weight gain. Dandelion root reduces cholesterol and potentially supports liver health, and chicory root – thanks to polyphenolic compounds – is beneficial for the digestive system and boosts immunity. Blended together by The Black Kettle Co they are a powerful superfood quartet in your cuppa.

 Where to try: Swell (1 Marine Parade)

Beetroot Superlatte

What’s in it: Beetroot

Why you need it: Recent studies showing the remarkable impact of beet on athletic performance has brought this forgotten superfood back into focus. This energy booster is also rich in vitamin C, potassium, folate, calcium, iron and fibre. Nitrates in beetroot can lower blood pressure and improve blood flow. Low in sugar and fats, it makes an ideal morning drink that will keep you up and running all day long.

Where to try: Ours Cafe (195 Maunganui Road)

Beauty Brew Latte

What’s in it: Japanese matcha, marine collagen powder, amla

 Why you need it: A secret weapon to fight aging and skin imperfections produced by Misty Day Plant Potions. Marine collagen that comes from fish is unusually taste- and odour-less, and contains a whole bunch of amino acids needed to create new skin! Matcha (powdered green tea) adds antioxidants and fights free radicals in the skin, while the tiny amla fruit delivers five times more vitamin C than oranges. A little caffeine and a lot of theanine (amino acid) in this drink will turn on your best productive beast mode.

 Where to try: Mahana Yoga Loft (554 Papamoa Beach Road)

Barista Blend Mylk Flat White

What’s in it: Macadamia nuts, rock melon seeds, sunflower seeds

Why you need it: When it comes to coffee, stepping out of your comfort zone might be hard, but simply swapping cow’s milk with raw organic V&V Barista Blend shouldn’t sound too stressful. In exchange you’re getting access to all the health benefits of nuts and seeds. Macadamia nuts are a good source of calcium and potassium. They lower blood pressure and support heart health, and the monounsaturated fatty acids accelerate fat metabolism. A whopping amount of plant-based protein is found in rock melon seeds and these are also loaded with vitamins A, C and E. Finally, sunflower seeds distribute essential magnesium to the body, helping to relieve muscle cramps and bone loss.

Where to try: Excelso Coffee (112 Third Ave)