Matakana Botanicals sniff boxes

For all occasions: Matakana Botanicals Sniff Boxes


Established in 1988 (formerly Les Floralies), Matakana Botanicals uses high quality, locally grown products such as Manuka Honey and Oil, Macadamia and Extra Virgin Olive Oil. focus editors ‘stuck their noses’ into the various apothecary sniff boxes to find out if they really work.

Lavender and other botanicals are grown on the Matakana Botanicals ‘eco farm’, located in the beautiful Matakana area, just north of Auckland. The ‘sniff boxes’ are supplied to Emirates First Class passengers and can also be found in top hotels and lodges.

Dee Collins: ‘Individually packaged into individual ‘sniff boxes’, the set includes a range of aromatherapy solutions that include Sleep, Focus, Energise, Destress and Recovery.

Easy to use – simply unscrew the lid, place under your nose, and take a few deep breaths – each small pottle contains ‘aroma beads’ that have been infused with specific aromatherapy blends.

All the blends are beautiful but, with deadlines looming, Focus, with its blend of bergamot, lemon and cinnamon and Energise, with its blend of cedarwood, eucalyptus, pine and olibanium, was given the biggest workout. When it was time for bed the Sleep blend with its blend of neroli, lavender and chamomile was put to good use. I love the sniff boxes and think the gift set would make a great gift.

Kseniia Spodyneiko: ‘I loved the idea of the apothecary sniff boxes from the very first minute. The various blends encourage you to slow down the life hustle, take several deep breaths and enjoy an uplifted, relaxed or extra productive mode. So easy and appealing!

For sniff boxe dummies like myself there is a detailed information chart on each blend, its ingredients and magical abilities included. My range included five cute little boxes from calming Sleep, Recovery and De Stress to boosting Energise and Focus. 

A comforting blend of rose, marjoram, olibanum and black pepper in Recovery looked intriguing, but being a huge vetiver fan, I decided to start with De Stress (lavender, ylang ylang, marjoram, vetiver). Even if it’s 9 am and the biggest stress of the day is meeting the courier whose delivering the  Matakana Botanicals parcel while I’m still in my pyjamas! This gentle aroma got me dreaming of paradise islands, beautiful gardens and rainbows. Nothing too stressful, as you can see! A few days later the spicy and zesty Focus (bergamot, lemon and cinnamon) became another favourite of mine and I keep it beside me, at my desk. It smells like a yummy pie … a yummy pie that also increases your productivity! Wish the real pies worked that way.

But although I really enjoyed the Matakana Botanical aromas I’m unsure if they really worked! I’m undecided as to whether scents and their effects are something I absolutely believe in but I can say that, in my case, there’s definitely something relaxing and grounding in the process of taking deep breathes and the lovely aroma is a really pleasant add-on.’