How IGTV can grow your business


Rivalling YouTube, Instagram has recently launched its own service to share longer-form videos. Though it’s exciting to watch the two social media giants fight it out for online domination, the main question is, how can YOU benefit from the latest update? So far, IGTV looks like it’s a great tool to grow your business!


Short for ‘Instagram TV’ it’s this social media platform’s newest add-on, allowing you to share longer videos. Previously we were limited to 15-seconds in ‘Stories’ and 1-minute in the main feed; now videos can be 10 minutes long for smaller channels, or up to 60 minutes for those with a larger following.

Perfectly optimised for mobile viewing, IGTV has got early adopters raving. As soon as you open the app you’ll be able to watch content. A big plus is that you can pick up video content from where you left off and not have to watch the whole video again. Plus, filming videos with your phone and uploading content to your own page, couldn’t be easier!


There are two easy ways to work with IGTV for the first time – either download a standalone app or access through Instagram itself. You’ll see the icon in the top right corner on the main Insta page.

To browse through the videos, toggle between the various buttons on your home screen. These are: ‘For You’ (videos collected specifically for you based on your recent activity on Instagram and IGTV), ‘Following’ (videos from people you’re already following on Instagram), ‘Popular’ (videos that are getting most views, likes and comments at the moment) and ‘Continue Watching’ (all your part-watched videos).

To upload your first video, click on your avatar and find the ‘+’ button – easy as! Don’t forget captions and hashtags. I’ll explain further why the last ones are especially important.

IGTV provides in-depth insights on each video you’ve posted. To find out how many people have watched, liked and commented on your clip, click on it, then on the three dots icon ‘…’, then go to the ‘View Insights’ button.

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Apart from being so much fun, filming videos is an easy and on-trend way to communicate with your customers. And evidently, by 2021 mobile video will account for 78% of total mobile data traffic, so if your goal is to grow and thrive, these stats are worth taking note of.

IGTV also gives you extra exposure on Instagram. Every time you post a new video your subscribers receive a bright orange reminder at the top of their page. If you’ve recently found your page engagement decreasing, utilising IGTV should shake things up.

Remember I mentioned the importance of hashtags? Well, IGTV is still part of Instagram so whenever you put a hashtag under a new video, it gets featured on the hashtag’s feed on Instagram. Just imagine, users browsing through the niche pages don’t even need to open IGTV to discover your updates.

One of IGTV’s best features is its active links. Yes, you’ve read this correctly! While Instagram itself never gave your audience direct access to your website – apart from the one tiny link in your bio – IGTV allows clickable links in captions which give you a fabulous opportunity to grow traffic.


Tutorials: Do you produce bone broths? Share some recipes using them. Launched your own organic skincare range? Demonstrate how to apply your best-selling face mask cor- rectly. By showcasing the actual use of your products, you’re making people crave them even more.

Answering questions: Whether it’s about your product, tips to starting a business in your industry or even some personal information, your subscribers are dying to know more about you! Start with a quick intro- ductory video and invite viewers to ask questions via IGTV, Instagram or even via email – promise to get back with all the answers in a week.

Behind the scenes: We certainly loveyour perfectly shaped and flavouredraw bliss balls, but there’s nothing like seeing how you roll them. Or decorate your cakes. Or sewing your new fash- ion collection. Just like ‘Stories’, IGTV videos are perfect for giving your brand a more personal feel and put- ting a face to your business.

Diary: Just like you used to do it on paper or online, you can now talk your subscribers through your daily emo- tions, events and thoughts. Though initially it might be scary to open up publicly, these ‘no makeup confes- sions’ are something that always re- ceive the best feedback.

Repurpose content: Did you capture a special moment on film or are you already known for your exceptional Stories? Extend the life of your short videos by downloading them as one clip and uploading to IGTV.