How to reconnect with yourself this autumn



Today life moves fast and often, the resulting chaos masks the real whispers of our soul.  Amidst the busyness it’s easy to forsake our own needs with all that we contribute to around us.  Yet, if we can make time to prioritise our own needs, we create space to reconnect with ourselves, experience our true self and ultimately live the life we really want.

Here are a few simple tools you can use to tune in, re-connect, practise self care, and honour the real you.

1. Practise a little mindfulness over a Tea Meditation. In practising mindfulness, you are essentially paying attention to every little step in an activity. In doing this, you teach yourself to slow down, experience every moment of your daily life, and build awareness of every moment. Most of us push pause each day to have a tea or coffee, so why not up-grade that moment and make it a mindful one.  Here is a link to a lovely tea meditation.

2. Prioritise your Me Time. Often driven by guilt we view our Me Time as something we should only fit in at the end of the day, after we’ve done everything else on our To Do list. If we change this view and start prioritising our me time, we give to ourselves, honour our needs, and in doing this we become more productive, happier and energised – who won’t benefit from that?!

3. Add in Little Pleasures. Sit down and write a list of “little things that make you happy”. Now pick three each day and add them into your life. Things like putting fresh flowers on your table or desk, using essential oils to calm or invigorate, taking a 10-minute walk round the block with your dog, jumping on the trampoline with your grandchild, watching the sunrise, pausing and appreciating a view. Simple every day things that give you a reason to slow down, to use your senses, experience your feelings and smile.

4. Get Curious and Ask Yourself Questions. There is huge power in setting time aside to ask yourself some quality questions and exploring what exactly is going on for you in your life. Grab a journal and jot down what comes up – with regular use you may notice themes become apparent. A beautiful acronym to start you off is GROW – Goals, Reality, Options and Way forward. Ask yourself questions like “What would my ideal life look like right now?”, compare that to “What does my life really look like right now?” Then identify obstacles, opportunities, explore options and changes you could make to help your reality look more like your ideal. Then ask yourself “what will I do to get there?” Choose 2-3 changes you can make and build yourself a path toward those goals. Remember to honour the journey – small steps, re-evaluations, unexpected changes, all of these will pop up on your Way Forward. Think of your life like a map – there are many ways to get where you might want to go! Check in regularly to evaluate how you are doing using self compassion and kindness.

5. Know You and Know Your Strengths. Research in Positive Psychology proves we can experience more positive feelings, emotions, pleasure, more “flow” in life if we identify our individual strengths and then use them more often in our every day lives. So take some time to identify and write down yours, then explore ways to use your strengths each day at work, at home and in your free time – to help yourself, your family, your friends and even strangers. Craft a life based on your strengths!

6. Take a Wellbeing Self Assessment Test – ready to delve a little deeper? Here is a link to a short online wellbeing questionaire. This will quickly give you an insight into your current state of wellness and, regardless of the outcome, in answering the questions alone, you will be reconnecting with your inner self and creating much more awareness of where you are currently at. It may even highlight areas of concern and give you the push you need to take any necessary next steps

7. Get inspired! Take control, empower yourself and be all that you want to be!

Mental wellbeing is just one component of our overall Health. If you uncover any areas of concern while trying out any of these activities, either make an appointment with your local health care provider or call one of NZ’s amazing health lines

Life Line – 0800 Lifeline

Depression Help Line  – 0800 111575

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Janine Collins

Janine Collins

The Black Kettle Co. founder

Janine produces organic handcrafted caffeine-free latte bases The Black Kettle Co. and helps people to reconnect with themselves and explore how to nourish their body and mind with love, compassion, kindness & acceptance.