In focus: beauty products, barre attack and other things we loved


“In focus” is a fortnightly, online update on things that the focus team has loved. New places we have discovered, food we’ve enjoyed and events that have made us happy – here’s a glimpse into our lives in the past two weeks.

What’s not to love about working with focus magazine, especially when we are sent such beautiful products to review. It’s every girls dream! The items that make it into our Product Reviews in each edition are chosen because we love them, and we feel you will too. We research the products, try them out, discuss them and make our final decisions before each deadline. It’s a tough job but we’re happy to do it for you 🙂

Featured here are Papamoa-based ORA Aromatherapy (don’t miss our detailed review of their products!), handmade island-life inspired brand Ahu from Waihi beach, Irish certified organic skincare VOYA, as well as internationally known Garnier and L’Oreal.

Who didn’t dream, as a little girl, of becoming a ballerina? We had a glimpse of what it really takes to get there at the Barre Attack classes in the new Mahana Yoga Loft in Papamoa. A fun, dynamic and challenging mixture of pilates, fitness and ballet gives an exceptional workout that tones your muscles and helps you lose some weight. Ballet barre makes all the exercises look and feel different, so it’s perfect for those who get bored with routines easily. The bright and light loft with picture-perfect views of the beach definitely adds to the vibes. After class all guests can indulge in a delicious coffee served in the lobby or even treat themselves to a healing massage. How wonderful is that?



Natalie Sisson might have thought of New Zealand as her home country for the most part of her life but she’s now a global entrepreneur and digital nomad and has been living out of her suitcase for many years now. These days you don’t have to be based in one place, when all you need to run your 6-figure business is a laptop and Wi-Fi! Her book is not a memoir, nor is it a bunch of generally useless articles on “How I woke up with this genius idea and achieved all my dreams”. It is a very practical, detailed step-by-step guide about launching, running and bringing to success your own online business. Even if you’re not in the mood to leave everything behind and join a tribe of Bali-based startappers, this book will definitely inspire you to dare and be confident in the success of your business, whatever it is.

The book is available at Tauranga City Library (once we return it).

Our own, Tauranga-based, first vegan delivery in New Zealand, V on Wheels has made the bold move to reduce their carbon footprint by reducing the number of delivery days, starting this week. Tauranga locals can now have their fresh and frozen meals delivered on Mondays and Thursdays. We love the  amazing choice of comforting soups on their website, ideal for the cooler weather – Roasted Beetroot, Coconut and Potato; Smoky Roasted Carrot, Tomato and Basil; Pea and Broccoli. Definitely worth the wait! Still hesitant? Check out our review of their 5-day Detox box