Sleepy gypsy? ORA Aromatherapy review


ORA Aromatherapy is a local Bay of Plenty business that creates handmade aromatherapy to enhance wellbeing naturally. There are no parabens, petrochemicals, artificial colours, fragrances or preservatives in the products and only 100% natural therapeutic essential oils, sourced in NZ, are used.

ORA was founded by Papamoa-based “shark nose” (her husband’s affectionate name for her talents) Kate Shanks. Since her childhood on an East Coast farm, she has been surrounded by a wide variety of unusual and wonderful smells. Kate went on to study aromatherapy (by the way, don’t miss her article about 5 essential oils we need in our day) and launched her own brand. The first product she introduced to the market, Hayfever Spritzer, was a hit! Not only does it smell wonderful – with hints of lemongrass, rosemary, lavendar and peppermint – but It relaxes you and does the job of relieving hayfever symptoms.

The range of ORA Aromatherapy has broadened to several oils and scrubs but you’ll still find Kate making her products by hand and only in limited amounts.

Kate gave us two different ORA products to review – Moon Gypsy Serum and Sweet Dreams Sleep Oil. Here’s the feedback:

Jenny: “I’ve never used aromatherapy oils before so this was such a treat. The Moon Gypsy Serum smells divine and soaked straight into my skin – I could still feel the wonderful effects the next morning. I’ve had a hectic month and found the Sweet Dreams Oil relaxed me each evening and I slept well. I’ll definitely drop hints to the family to buy me more of the Gypsy Serum for my birthday.”

Robyn: “I enjoyed the nightly ritual of rubbing the Sweet Dreams Sleep Oil onto my chest and neck. It smells beautiful, very calming. I also added a few drops onto my pillow each night but my favourite was the Moon Gypsy Serum for my face. Each night I would remove my makeup and apply this serum – it smells divine and my skin just soaked all the fab oils straight up. I found that spacing out the oils worked best – so I applied the serum before sitting down to relax in the evening and then I had the Sweet Dreams oil to look forward to at bed time. I’ve told a few friends about the Gypsy Serum already.”

You can also find ORA Aromatherapy on Facebook and Instagram.

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