Business profile: Jeanette Mindham (Tauranga Chamber of Commerce)


I am a people person and thrive on building relationships with people across all environments and cultures to achieve great results. In my current role I work with trainers to provide workshops, showcase businesses and people, and organise networking events.

The Chamber is all about supporting local businesses and building capability by providing a range of business services. We are also about connecting people and run various events through our sub networking groups, like Small Business Tauranga, LinkT and the Business Women’s Network (BWN). I am the key contact for BWN and, together with the committee, organise events to educate, inspire and promote women in business.

Name: Jeanette Mindham

Company: Tauranga Chamber of Commerce

Position: Engagement Coordinator

What have you been reading? Tell us about a fabulous book you have read in the last six months.

I recently enjoyed reading Sam Bourne’s novel To Kill the President– it was captivating and thought provoking as it aligned very closely with the current state of political events in the United States.

What’s at the top of your bucket list?

Before I had children, I travelled a lot and visited many different parts of the world. South America though is one continent I have yet to explore. Top of my bucket list would be doing the Machu Picchu trail and visiting the Aztec ruins. A close second would be scuba diving in Belize.

What do you love most about living in the Bay? 

We are so lucky here with so many wonderful places that we can go to without having to spend much money. We have an amazing coastline to enjoy, fantastic walks in scenic reserves like Mauo or Otanewainuku and great parks like Te Puna Quarry, and more recently some fantastic cycle ways. With all the opportunities we have here I really do believe that it is the ‘Bay of Plenty’.

How about the region’s vibe?

There is a great vibe in the region especially as we experience growth and attract new people with new ideas. Meeting people and hearing about the inspirational ideas they have, or work they’re doing, is one of the aspects I really enjoy about my role. There’s a feeling of positivity, of people wanting to support each other. It gives me a real buzz to hear about the business opportunities that have arisen from people meeting at our events.

If you could hop back 20 years, what would you say to your younger self?

It was just under 20 years ago when I met my husband after I tripped over a step at a pub in South London. He played the English gentleman and kindly helped me to my feet and we have been together ever since. So, I could say I would tell myself to “Mind the step!”, however I wouldn’t be where I am today with two amazing daughters and all the wonderful experiences I have had.

What new innovations or developments are you looking forward to seeing in the Bay one day?

I am hoping that we find an innovative approach to address the growing transport problem in the region. We need to look beyond just improving roading infrastructure and come up with something alternative that will provide a reliable, environmentally friendly and convenient transport solution.