Carbs to avoid in spring to lose belly fat by summer


Though carbs are considered to be the ‘devil’s food’ in most diets, common sense says not all carbs are the same. If our bodies need carbohydrates as a fuel source they can’t be all bad, right? Indeed, carbs contain fibre, which helps us stay fuller longer, can reduce gut inflammation and increases metabolism. However, when processed to the point that they contain little to no nutrients, carbs should rather be avoided. Of course, those last ones are always the tastiest! Here are some cunning little treats that have no excuse to be on a menu this spring, especially if you’re aiming to be in that hot swimming suit in summer.

Refined white-flour foods

Or should we better name this category ‘pretty much everything we love’? Pizza, pasta, doughnuts, pastry, chips, flour tortillas and even white rice fall into it. These products have lost all their fibre and nutrients during the heavy processing phase. The outcome? You’ll eat more to feel full but will feel hungry again in no time. Studies have also shown that eating too many refined white-flour products puts you at risk for type 2 diabetes, obesity and heart disease.


Most of the cereals on the market these days are made of unhealthy carbs. To choose the right one, always read the packaging to check the carbohydrate to fibre ratio. Eating 10 times more carbs and sugar than fibre? That’s probably not the best choice. Five times more carbs than fibre and no sugar at all sounds way nicer. By the way, breakfast chia pudding instead of cereal is an easy way to spend less time counting ratios in a supermarket!


What seems like a perfect sweet cravings fix (I mean, they’re made of fruit, right?), actually has nothing to do with all the nutrients fresh fruits provide. Many brands add preservatives and sugar, literally leaving no space for health in a jar. Eat a banana instead!

Fruit yoghurt

While natural yoghurts deliver probiotics for a healthy digestive system, their, let’s be honest, yummier siblings – sweetened yoghurts – contain nothing else but a high level of carbohydrates. Seriously, are almost 50 grams of sugar and carbs worth that tiny cup of joy? Quick hint: fresh fruit in Greek yogurt is almost as delicious and contains protein, vitamins and minerals!


Technically not even a food, this cunning drink might make us think it’s closer to water than to fatty pizza. The reality is, one glass can contain over 20 grams of carbs. Now you know where that ‘beer belly’ comes from!