Mother’s Day: thank you, kids!


focus decided to celebrate Mother’s Day by asking a few local mums to share the best lessons they’ve learned from their kids. Because, after all, parenting is a two-way process!

Chrissie Urlich and her daughter, Melissa

“These are some of the tips given to me by my beautiful, sparkling daughter, Melissa:

  1. Everything you write in your diary, your kids are going to read one day!
  2. Even when you think you do a terrible job as a mama, your kids think you’re the very best mum in the world!
  3. Never grow up. Growing up is overrated and no one gets out alive, so treat every single day like it’s your party!”

Jo McClennan and her daughter, Laura

“Laura has taught me about lifestyle and the important things like fitness, enjoying the beach, eating well, socialising with friends, backing yourself to succeed, having a life work balance, even moving towns to get the lifestyle right. She has taught me to just smell the roses as I am a worry wart. These things have inspired me. I have brought this beautiful young lady into the world and she gives me so much inspiration. Laura makes me feel very, very special. I know she loves me unconditionally. I would actually love to be exactly like her if I had my life over again.”

Lin Keo and her son, Dominic

“Dom taught me to play football. But for me it’s not just about the game; he showed me how to be a good team player, how to direct people. He is only eight and I expected to be the one teaching, but he is already giving me some important life lessons.”

Natalie Livshiz and her daughter, Katia

“I learned to become more organised by watching how my daughter runs her household. Between working and taking care of her family, she has excellent time management skills and I picked up a few tips from her. In addition to that, she taught me to be more resilient and practise better self-love.”

Alice Rooslin Smith and her daughter, Scarlett

“ʿMummy, you should put birds on that topʾ” or ʿI like that pink, mummyʾ, I hear it all the time while working on my new designs. My little girl is growing up surrounded by fashion, playing with tassels, studying shapes, and with a house full of clothes and fabric. She has matured into my little muse and is a perfect creative consultant. Kids are so free spirited and boundaryless and they bring colour, life and playfulness into designs. Whether I source or create, Scarlett is my port to call. She has taught me to take brave steps in any clothing I do.”