Tauranga business women, Bay of Plenty

Tauranga Business Women


We love flicking through back issues of focus and reminding ourselves of the amazing and talented women we have featured. We thought it would be a great idea to shine a spotlight, once again, on some of the inspiring Tauranga business women who have graced our covers.

Hiria Rolleston - Mindset Training for Paddlers

Since starting Mindset Training for Paddlers last year, clients from around the world have flocked to work with Hiria.

Tina Jennen - New Zealand Mānuka Group

This inspirational business woman has worked as a community lobbyist, stockbroker, land developer and an accountant. She’s been the CEO of the Plus Group and, earlier this year, took up a new role as Chief Financial Officer with New Zealand Mānuka Group.

Frances Denz - Stellaris Group

Frances is one of four directors of the Stellaris Group and is one of only 43 registered women directors currently on major boards in New Zealand.

Jo Wills - Sustainability Options

In her paid job, as project manager with social enterprise Sustainability Options, Jo develops or co-ordinates new initiatives, such as Trade Bank, to help people live in warmer, drier, healthier homes.

Rebecca Tereu, Kathryn Clout, Emily Searle

Inspiring Tauranga businesswomen who are breast cancer survivors. Rebecca is a business advisor, speaker and author. Kathryn owns The Treehouse Private Kindergarten and Emily launched the Dear Boobs Project.

Miriama Smith – actress, TV personality and celebrant

Miriama has played roles in various TV shows such as Xena: Warrior Princess, Karaoke High and Shortland Street. Her best-known roles are in the Power Rangers series, as Brady Trubridge in Filthy Rich and, more recently, as lawyer Ngahuia Richards in 800 Words.

Dr Liza Schneider - Holistic Vets

A well-known Tauranga vet, Lisa has come a long way since establishing Holistic Vets as a sole-operator mobile vet service in 2003. At the 2013 Westpac Tauranga Business Awards, Holistic Vets won the category for Business Innovation and Entrepreneurship.