The People’s Poncho (Take advantage of the special offer at the end of this article!)


We were very excited to be asked to review The People’s Poncho and with all the rain we’ve had recently, it couldn’t have come at a better time.

The developers of The People’s Poncho were inspired by the Chinese who carry on with their day to day lives, in spite of rainy weather. Originally developed for cyclists, the poncho proved so popular with outdoor enthusiasts and, as it literally weighs nothing – 460g to be precise, it’s one of those easy to pack and must-have items for any outing or adventure.

The People’s Poncho has the best solution for carrying your poncho around – you simply put it in a zipped shoulder bag that is so compact it easily fits into a handbag or backpack. Honestly, how many times did you regret not having a raincoat or umbrella with you because they were too heavy or bulky to carry around?

The poncho is made from three layers of hard-wearing Japanese polyester and is incredibly lightweight. We tried the poncho out in the heaviest of downpours and we can vouch that it is waterproof and reliable. It is also stylish and perfect for those rainy days where you’re a spectator at your kids’ sports days.

It’s also really easy to slip on and has a built-in peaked hood which is comfortable and roomy enough to wear a bike helmet underneath. The press studs and adjustable toggles ensure the rain stays out and is a comfortable fit. There are also side studs if you want to make sleeves and a waist band to ensure the poncho doesn’t take flight on a windy day.

You’ll also find reflective piping for extra visibility, a waterproof zippered chest pocket for your bits and bobs and internal straps to hook onto your hands (or handlebars) so your legs are protected from the rain if you are riding a bike.

The poncho is roomy enough to wear over your backpack. Repacking is easy – a few easy folds and the poncho slips back into its zipped pouch. Available in a variety of colours, The Rain Poncho is excellent value for money considering its quality, durability and ease of use.

The great news is that the ponchos are now available for children.

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