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Tip to toe: Beauty Tofu organic temple detox review


Beauty Tofu is a relatively new company that, after six years of research, has combined medical and natural therapies to produce products that are vegan, raw and cruelty free and are designed to revitalise, detox, renew and cleanse.

Dee Collins: “I was given Beauty Tofu’s T3 Tip to Toe Organic Temple Detox to review. The information on the back of the bottle states that the contents are an organic and pure specialised detox clay – 100% Sodium Montmorillonite Clay. “I am here to cleanse your temple from tip to toe. Whether you suffer from problematic skin, digestive issues such as bloating, constipation or gas, skin disorders, body odour or simply just wanting to flush the toxins and impurities our bodies so easily collect these days I am an amazing simple solution.”

Of course, the first thing I had to do was find out more about Sodium Montmorillonite Clay.

Montmorillonite was first described in 1847 in Montmorillon, France more than 50 years before the discovery of Bentonite – also an absorbent clay – in the US and is named after that city. Montmorillonite clay deposits originate from volcanic ash, minerals and eons of weathering and is formed layer after layer over a long period of time.

It is classified and recognised as a ‘living clay’ due to its power as a detoxifying substance and its ability to adsorb and absorb. Sodium Montmorillonite Clay has been used by indigenous cultures and healers as a healing agent, both internally and externally, and consists of minerals that enhance the production of enzymes in all living organisms.

Years ago, sailing vessels departing from France were known to store clay on board for the treatment of dysentery as well as other ailments. We also know that animals – both domestic and wild – often eat clay or roll around in it for healing, to protect their skin or obtain relief from injuries.

A recognized detoxifying agent, nutrient and bactericidal, the clay may be ingested, applied to the skin externally, and/or used in a bath. It is also recognised as a colon detoxifying agent that attracts heavy metals, toxins and pathogens.

Learning that the clay detoxifies, I decided to experiment with T3 Tip to Toe when I had a few days at home!

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Firstly, I made a face mask by mixing the clay with a small amount of water. As I had spent a lot of time on the road, in hot weather, my skin was ready for a good cleanse. The mask dries very quickly and certainly mops up any oily bits on your face. This is not a mask for a mature skin and I would really only recommend using it on a young, oily skin where it would definitely absorb excess oils and impurities.

The next recommendation was to take the clay internally. Beauty Tofu recommends mixing one tablespoon with water, juice or in a smoothie and immediately follow this with a large glass of water. You can, evidently, also add the clay to your baking or raw treats but I haven’t tried this yet.

The clay acts as an absorbent which made me feel really full – perhaps slightly bloated. It does get your tummy working but it’s not as if I had to make a mad dash to the loo. I would say it acts as a gentle accelerator!

Beauty Tofu recommends taking T3 Tip to Toe every day, until the bottle is finished and, of course, suggests that the best results happen when you use the product in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise. As I can’t always work from home, I’ve established that taking this at the end of the day works well for me.”

Beauty Tofu, skincare, detox

Kseniia Spodyneiko:T3 Tip To Toe isn’t my first experience with Beauty Tofu as I’ve been a huge fan of their Charcoal Complexion Cleanse mask for quite a while. I felt really confident trying the newest addition to their effective vegan skincare collection, even though it meant I would literally be a lab rat, trying a new product before it went on sale!

The Charcoal Complexion Cleanse is my go-to mask already, so I decided to use the T3 as an internal detox. I couldn’t have made a better decision as it did wonders for my tummy. It adds a delicious creamy texture to smoothies, making it taste more like a milkshake and it didn’t give me that heavy bloating I often get after drinking milk. T3 Tip To Toe doesn’t have any aftertaste or taste at all so it can be easily used with any type of smoothies, be it a fruit or vegie. I loved mixing it with other powders, like ViBERi organic blackcurrant powder, for example – the reality of making smoothies in the XXI century is that you don’t even need any fruits or berries to whizz up the most delicious and nutrient-packed breakfast!

Consuming this detox product in my smoothies is really convenient for me but I still love the Charcoal Complexion Mask for my face. I’m still keen to try the bath soak detox recipe (two teaspoons for an entire bath!)…. I only need to find a bath somewhere now!”

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