Shake it, shake it: V&V mylks


Tired of weird unknown ingredients in something as simple as milk? Vigour and Vitality is a selection of RAW, stone-ground nut & seed butters, that serve as a great healthy alternative to milk. While some nut butter companies add unnecessary sugar and preservatives to their products, V&V uses only the highest quality natural products. By blending V&V butter with water, you get delicious plant-based mylk. focus editors Dee Collins and Kseniia Spodyneiko had a chance to try these fab mylks.

Kseniia Spodyneiko: “Just like Apple has its iPhone, V&V has its Barista Blend – iconic product, the brand is mainly known for. You can enjoy a Barista Blend flat white in many Tauranga cafes these days (find one of them in our June/July issue). An exotic mix of Macadamia, Rock Melon Seed and Sunflower Seed was love from the first sip, so an opportunity to try some more flavours made me really excited.

I got my hands on the Brazil Nut Butter and Sunflower Seed Spread. Both products contained only one ingredient – the one they were named after. Cool! To become a paste, these nuts and seeds are stone-ground…36-hours of powerful pressure with smooth granite wheels that preserves both flavour and nutrients.

One jar blended with water makes around 3 litres of mylk. And though I really liked the ecological part of having my weekly supply of milk from a small glass jar instead of using endless Tetra Pak packagings, it took me a while to get my butt into action. I mean, this product was previously blended by a professional barista for me, how dare I to do it myself? The reality was as simple as it sounds – you just add the butter to water and the magic happens. Phew!

It was exciting to compare the flavours and the textures of the raw nuts and seeds once they were in liquid form. Both delicious, they serve different aims. I use the Sunflower Seed mylk to make creamy, rich, flavourful coffees that I proudly call ‘my home-made flat whites’. The brazil nut mylk fits better with my morning ‘I need to wake up urgently’ coffees… when I need more coffee and just a touch of milk.”

Dee Collins: “I love the convenience of the V&V Mylks and the fact that I won’t have to be buying any more boxed milks or going through the hassle of making my own nut milks and then trying to decide what to make with the ground leftovers!

I was given the Walnut Butter and Coconut Butter V&V Mylks to experiment with and sampled them in different ways – on their own, whipped up in smoothies and chia puddings. The bottled mylks had different consistencies – I would recommend giving the walnut mylk a stir before decanting – but they both were exceptionally easy to use and delicious.  All you need to do is mix a tablespoon of the mylk with 250mls of water and add your other ingredients…it’s that easy!

The V&V Mylks are stone-ground, raw and, in the case of the nut butters, activated. If you need a bit of inspiration, there are recipes to try on their website.” I’ve already recommended the mylks to a number of people and will definitely keep using them myself.

On the left: Walnut Mylk with banana, mango, spinach, raw cashews and a squeeze of lime juice