4 beauty products you’ll need this winter


Staying active, productive and positive is something we all struggle with in winter, when days are so cold and so short. Feel better with these amazing beauty products!

Concealer, compact powder and brow pencil, wet n wild


Award-winning, cruelty-free and super safe cosmetics, at an affordable price! The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics detected no lead in wet n wild lipsticks. They also have the widest range of make-up products and, for example, 400 versatile colours of eye shadows, which allows women from all over the world to experiment with style and feel awesome every day. Available at Farmers.

focus review:

The wet n wild dual-ended eyebrow pencil is my new fav! The brush is perfect for forming beautifully groomed arches. The pencil side required a bit of practice as the texture is so rich and creamy that too much pressure gave me charcoal brows – easily solved in two days though! The Coverall concealer and powder have a flawless and lightweight formula that’s quick and easy to apply and kept my skin radiant and hydrated for the whole day. A great choice for the nude make-up lovers!

Apothecary Sniff Box – Five aromas 8g each, Matakana Botanicals


Established in 1988 (formerly Les Floralies), Matakana Botanicals uses high quality, locally grown products such as Manuka Honey and Oil, Macadamia and Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Lavender and other botanicals are grown on the Matakana Botanicals ‘eco farm’, located in the beautiful Matakana area, just north of Auckland. The ‘sniff boxes’ are supplied to Emirates First Class passengers and can also be found in top hotels and lodges.

focus review:

Individually packaged into individual ‘sniff boxes’, the set includes a range of aromatherapy solutions that include Sleep, Focus, Energise, Destress and Recovery. Easy to use – simply unscrew the lid, place under your nose, and take a few deep breaths – each small pottle contains ‘aroma beads’ that have been infused with specific aromatherapy blends. All the blends are beautiful but, with deadlines looming, Focus, with its blend of bergamot, lemon and cinnamon and Energise, with its blend of cedarwood, eucalyptus, pine and olibanium, were the most popular. The ‘sniff box’ set would make a great gift.

My Little Hero Facial Serum, VOYA


The restorative power of wild organic seaweed is used in VOYA products and helps improve the skin’s suppleness and elasticity.Seaweed also helps to reduce the signs of ageing by toning, smoothing, moisturising and stimulating skin cells and can aid in treating a number of skin conditions, including psoriasis, eczema and acne. VOYA products are formulated to deeply nourish the skin and aid its natural ability to heal and repair. VOYA is distributed to some of the world’s top spas and hotels.

 focus review:

I so enjoyed using My Little Hero Facial Serum in the evenings, after cleansing. It has a thicker consistency than most serums and a little goes a long way. It took a few minutes to absorb fully into my skin and I found that I didn’t need to apply additional products over it. It doesn’t leave a sheen and my skin felt plump and supple. I also experimented and used it under makeup and found my skin was still hydrated at the end of the day, even in cold, windy conditions. For my mature skin, this serum was a real treat.

Moisturising Hand Cream, Natural Room Spray and Soy Wax Candle, Ahu


 Ahu means‘to tend, foster, nurture, treat’ which goes with the Ahu philosophy of ‘Nurturing your soul’. All Ahu products are designed to transport your mind and thoughts to that exotic island holiday. They are high quality and contain plant-derived, cruelty-free natural ingredients that incorporate aromatherapy to repair our bodies from the inside out while nurturing your soul. Ahu Aromas is based in Waihi Beach.

 focus review:

The hand cream smells gorgeous and absorbed into my skin quickly. There’s no sticky residue and my hands felt moisturised for ages. The refreshing room spray has a beautiful tropical scent and I loved the fact that I wasn’t spraying chemicals into the air. The soy wax candle also emitted a subtle, ‘island’ aroma – it made me forget that it was cold outside. All of these products would make fabulous gifts.

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