Interior design tips: how to choose the best flooring for your home


Whether it’s a big move or a quick renovation of the old family house, you will be surprised how little effort is needed to turn a house into your dream home. If chosen correctly, new flooring can make all the difference. So, what should you know before adding a timber laminate or vinyl planks to your interior?

Room size

The colour of the floor has a major impact on the feeling of the size.

Lucky owners of large and wide spaces can easily opt for warm, dark tones. Yes, they make rooms look a bit smaller, but they also make them a lot cosier by adding rustic, grounding vibes to the overall atmosphere of the house.

To open up smaller rooms pick light, natural tones. They give a sunny, positive feeling and make a room visually more spacious. We recommend sound proof, easy to maintain, thermally insulated cork flooring.

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Room purpose

For those areas that need to stand up to heavy traffic, like a kitchen, hardwood flooring is your best bet. Go for timber laminate – it is beautiful and easy to maintain. A quick vacuum with an occasional mopping will keep it clean.

Though bathrooms normally require concrete, ceramic or porcelain tiles, some modern stores also offer waterproof vinyl tiles. Use these for a softer, warmer feel. We noticed these modern walnut and beachy looking maple ones at Christies Floorings Tauranga.

Kids need something to sit, lie and play on and you need something that’s easy to clean! A low-pile, tightly woven rug or wall-to-wall carpet ticks all the boxes. Look for something in an easy-to-clean fibre like polypropylene or nylon.

Carpets also look awesome in a home office. Choose low-pile, non-plush ones to roll around on your office chair with grace and ease.

The plush, super-soft carpets belong in the bedroom. To wake up in a luxurious retreat every morning, pair sophisticated silk-and-wool rugs with hardwood flooring.


Thousands of flooring options mean there are thousands of different prices to fit any budget.

Laminate has a general wood-like appearance and is the most affordable on the market.

Solid hardwood and higher quality luxury vinyl tiles fall into the middle-priced category.

Increasing your budget means having a range of the more exotic and durable hardwoods, the highest quality, premium laminate and luxury vinyl flooring products.

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The flooring you choose should add both style and comfort to your life.

Wanting to make a design statement? Be bold, add some drama, like metallic-looking and textured vinyl planking (spotted at ChristiesFloorings). Even the owners of the edgy Manhattan lofts will be jealous!

If you prefer timeless classics, pay attention to the texture: a natural grain of laminate or a more textured carpet will never get old and will usually work with any updates you do in the future.

What about looking beyond light and dark colours and considering grey? It has always been a ‘neutral’ in interior design – not too trendy and not too boring and it will be a popular choice for ages.

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