Health goals that will transform your life


Overall wellness is a huge goal. In fact, it includes so many aspects that it’s literally impossible to incorporate all of them into your daily life at the same time. Not surprisingly, many people give up way before they can finally call themselves ‘a happy healthy person’ but setting a few smaller health goals is a game changer!

Here’s everything you need to do (and will be doing at some stage) for your wellbeing – start implementing these habits into your life, one goal at a time, and, in no time at all, you’ll have a regular daily routine that will give you a feeling of achievement and satisfaction!

1 Develop a morning routine

Mornings are crucial to set the mood for the day. If you hit the snooze button a few times, rush to get dressed, eat on the go and hustle to work, you can’t  expect to be well-organised, productive and positive.

Things you should ALWAYS find time for in the morning are: stretching (even a few breathing exercises in bed with your window open will be enough to awaken your body and mind!), eating a fulfilling rush-free breakfast and a bit of handwriting – be it your gratitude journal or to-do list for the day. Research has found that spending a few minutes with pen and paper in the morning is one of the best things you can do for your wellbeing.

You’ll probably need more time in the morning to accomplish these extra things. If getting up a lot earlier sounds disturbing, try getting up 15 minutes before your usual time and then add on another and another 15 minutes when you feel ready.

2 Develop an evening routine

Winding down is important for your mental and emotional wellbeing. Your evening routine might include easy chores, yoga or meditation, a 3-step skincare (scrub, mask, night cream, in case you were wondering) or reading in bed – basically, anything that promotes peace and serenity will do. Here are 9 more ideas of awesome evening routines.

If you’re not used to quiet time in the evening, start developing this habit by setting a particular time to stop working or being active. You can even use your alarm clock in order not to miss it!

3 Start walking

Regular walks decrease stress and increase peacefulness. It’s like meditation – the monotonous sound of your shoes hitting the ground calms you down and grounds you – it keeps you mentally and emotionally balanced.

4 Add greens to your plate

There is nothing easier than this health goal – simply add some greens to every dish you’re about to eat. There are endless benefits of doing so – from healthier skin, better vision, and energy to stronger kidneys and organs.

5 Clean your workspace

We recently devoted a whole article to the importance of having a clean, efficient workspace. Fifteen minutes of cleaning will save you so much time and energy during the day! Clean space is vital for stress management so make the desk you spend most hours of your active day at your oasis of comfort and happiness.

6 Finding time to being silent

Schedule at least 10 minutes of pure silence in your daily to-do list. These moments should give your mind a pause, a break from daily hectic thoughts. You’ll be surprised by the positive effect these pauses will have on your mental health!

By the way, it’s also a great first step to mastering meditation!

7 Establish a skincare routine

We’ve already mentioned this could be a part of your evening routine but taking proper care of the biggest organ in your body is actually a health goal in itself.

Try something simple and effective to help you either wind down in the evening or wake up in the morning. This could be right after work – kick off your shoes, change into something comfortable and pamper yourself with some nourishing and invigorating masks and creams.