In focus: transformational workshop and other things we loved


In focus is a fortnightly, online update on things that the focus team has loved. New places we have discovered, food we’ve enjoyed and events that have made us happy – here’s a glimpse into our lives from the past two weeks.

Transformational Workshop with Hayat Coaching

Life coach Hayat Berkaoui is a long-time friend of ours. This weekend we finally had an opportunity to visit one of her group workshops that was all about becoming more aware of your current priorities and setting goals to achieve your dreams. Vision boards, repairing our worst fears, meaningful dialogues, lots of support and healthy snacks – six hours flew like one second!

We would definitely recommend doing a session with Hayat at this time of year, it will help with setting goals and scheduling activities for 2019!

Read Hayat’s article on how to choose the right life coach for you and make your time as productive as ours was!

Bamboo Beads face scrub, Okana

Okana is hands down the most natural skincare brand we have ever tried! Each product contains only 4-6 ingredients that can easily be grown in your garden. Their position is: ‘If you can’t eat it – we won’t put it into our skincare’.

Our favourite product from the whole range is Bamboo Beads face scrub. The bamboo particles are smooth and less harsh than many exfoliants made from salt, nuts or grains, and as a result, it’s very gentle and delicate on the skin but tough on dirt and makeup.

The formula is rich in minerals and nourishes the skin while cleansing it. Big thumbs up for this product.

Facials at Polynesian Spa

We recently spent an awesome girls’ day out in Rotorua (pssssst, you might see the complete itinerary of a perfect day out in our February/March edition of focus!)

The Aromatherapy Associates facial at the Polynesian Spa was definitely a highlight of the whole trip! After an hour long treatment (and a good nap in the process) we came out with moisturised, soothed and refined skin and felt 100% relaxed and happy.

The price of this facial is $179 and you also receive a discount to purchase any of the products used in process.

Dinner at The Fat Cow

‘A restaurant where carnivores and vegans can dine in harmony’ opened its doors at The Mount quite a while ago and has stayed on our ‘to check out’ list for far too long.

The first thing that grabs your attention upon entering are the giant menu boards that staff roll from one table to another – cool and unusual idea!

The menu is very diverse indeed and changes every evening depending on what ingredients they have today. Carnivores are welcome to ‘construct’ their dish from a selection of meats and garnishes, whereas vegans get to choose from a vegan pulled pork burger and… well, to be honest, we didn’t even get to the other options because how can you resist a good pulled pork burger?

The service was probably a bit too slow but the food was totally worth the wait!