Win SunRice SuperGrains microwave cups – GIVEAWAY IS CLOSED


Not enough time to cook a proper lunch? SunRice SuperGrains premium blend of rice and ancient grains is ready in just 40 seconds! We have six packs, each containing four different delicious flavours, to give away!

Each prize pack contains four flavours to choose from: Multigrain Blend (brown rice, red rice, red quinoa, buckwheat and chia seed), Active Blend (brown rice, millet, red quinoa and buckwheat), Tri-Blend (brown rice, red rice and red quinoa) and Super-Duo (brown rice and red berry rice).

We are giving you more chances to win this awesome prize. After clicking on the revolving icon to enter the competition below, you’ll see a list of options to enter the competition (Follow us on Facebook, Invite friends to participate, etc.). It’s only up to you which ones and how many to choose. The more entry methods you choose – the higher are your chances to win!

If you are not on social media, the first entry method requires only your name and email address to enter. Good luck!

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