How to look after your body this festive season



The holiday period can be a busy time of year. The kids have just finished school and we have a million things to do, and then the alcohol comes out and so does the unhealthy food. In among this Christmas chaos it’s easy to think, ‘I’ll worry about myself next year’ and throw all care for yourself out the window.

However, I urge you not to do this, and encourage you to keep looking after yourself during the hectic holiday months. If we make looking after our bodies a habit rather than a chore, it’s much easier to do long term and we are less likely to fall apart.

Avoid stress when it’s not needed

Christmas is a time of joy, love and STRESS. And the funny thing is we do it to ourselves. Stress comes in many different shapes and sizes – whether it’s the supermarket, the Christmas functions, guests coming to stay, and the list goes on.

Remove pressure from yourself by not offering to do things you don’t have time for, such as making your famous pudding for a friend or looking after extra kids. Removing pressure could also mean not beating yourself up for being unable to find the perfect present for someone or just not making yourself feel guilty for taking time out for you.

Keep your regular appointments

Often in the practice we’ll see that when the holidays arrive, the routine is tossed aside. However, if you normally see a chiropractor or get a monthly massage don’t push these appointments to the side because you think you are too busy – this is probably the time you need them most.


Exercise is not only great to work off some of the treats but also great for the mind, and to use as down time. During the holidays your gym or workout class might close down or you may choose just to have a rest, and that is fine, but doing something physical, even for 10-15 mins a day, will benefit your body and mind. Take the dog for a walk, get out on the bike with the kids or just walk around the block. Moving your body is so important and you’ll find it much easier to get back into your exercise routine in the New Year if you keep some fitness going over the break.

Stay hydrated

It gets hot in summer, we drink more alcohol in summer and our routines go swiftly out the door.

First thing in the morning, drink a glass of water, and have one before you eat anything during the day (this will help keep you hydrated and reduce the urge to overeat). Swap a coffee or black tea for a herbal tea, and if you are drinking alcohol, don’t forget to have water between drinks. Being dehydrated can affect your mood, skin and ability to process information so water is really important.

As a chiropractor I see in my practice every day how stress is affecting people’s lives in so many different ways, including how they physically feel. Remember that the holiday period is a holiday and it should be for you too. If you feel like stress is getting the best of you and you are tight, tense, suffer headaches or just don’t feel yourself, then give us a call at Be Balanced Chiropractic.

At Be Balanced Chiropractic Tauranga, we are passionate about helping people gain extraordinary health. Whether you are suffering from aches and pains, are a pregnant woman, have babies and children with health concerns or need help with stress management, Be Balanced would love to help you and educate you on how to take care of your body and get you feeling great.

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