Alone at Christmas: how to celebrate and be happy on your own


I’ve lived in a few cities in my time and, without family and friends in many of them, my husband and I have had to put ourselves out there to meet new people. Christmas is often a time when people feel isolated and alone but there are plenty of ways to enjoy the festive season on your own or with friends. Maybe you can’t bear the idea of another Christmas with the feuding rellies, or maybe you’re a long way from home. Whatever the reason, there are always options!

Invite the ‘waifs and strays’

When I was growing up my parents always invited the ‘waifs and strays’. These made for the best Christmases ever and I always remember the laughter and interesting conversations around the table. There are people everywhere, for one reason or another, who won’t be celebrating Christmas with their families so why not invite them over and have apot-luck luncheon. Get that tree out and decorate your home with all the Christmas trimmings and immerse yourself in your new-found friendships.


Find out from friends and business colleagues how you can become involved with volunteering over Christmas. Are there elderly people who are house-bound or in hospital who would love a visit and a bit of companionship? Can you drop off meals and toys where they are needed? What about helping out at Christmas luncheons? Giving of your time is an invaluable gift to anyone.

Book a holiday

Walking trips, resort or cruise holidays for singles are all designed for you to meet other people and to mingle. Perfect!



The perfect excuse to stay in pyjamas, schmooze on the sofa and indulge in a movie-marathon of epic proportions. Don’t forget to stock up on all the relevant foodstuffs that go hand-in-hand with movies and Christmas!

Call Your family and friends

You might not be able to spend time with your family and friends but this is the perfect time to call or skype them for a long-distance festive catch-up. Steer away from separation sorrows, and instead celebrate technology for allowing us to easily communicate with our nearest and dearest.  Be the first to reach out to your family.

There’s always work

If your profession requires you to work or be on-call over Christmas, be the first to raise your hand – offer to work someone else’s shift so they can spend time with their family. You’ll feel good because you’re busy and earning extra money, and hey, you’ve just made someone’s day!


Spring clean

This one wouldn’t get me jumping up and down with enthusiasm but for those of you who love spring cleaning, there’s nothing like immersing yourself in a project and coming away  with a satisfied feeling of accomplishment. Job well done and time for a movie-marathon.

Spoil Yourself

Buy a good bottle of champers and a hamper of all those Christmas delights. Just because you’re on your own doesn’t mean you have to do without!

Enjoy some exercise

Get out into the fresh air. Swim in the sea. Get those feel-good endorphins activated. Spend a few days detoxing and you’ll be firing on all cylinders once the New Year rolls round.

Give thanks

This is the time of year that Churches are filled. Christmas is, after all, a religious holiday. Yes, many people will be there with their families, but rejoice in the spirit of Christmas – sing some Carols, listen to the service and enjoy fellowship afterwards with tea and Christmas cake. There’s always time later for your movie-marathon, spring cleaning or luncheon.

Happy Christmas.