Put yourself at the top of your resolution list



Standing at the start line of a new year I can’t help but gaze hopefully at my new horizons. The beginning of our hopes and dreams for a new year is often filled with excitement and anticipation as we consider all the possibilities and perfect plans we have for a killer year.

New Year resolutions slide off our tongues easily like Friday night’s jello shots, and February is definitely the month we find our groove and make the ground shake with passionate statements and loud proclamations.

Us women are also very good at walking the talk, at least in the beginning – right up until the walk becomes tedious and boring, as time shunts us toward mid-year. Every year it seems to be the same, from start to finish. But it’s that slow never-ending slog uphill that really does a number on all of our good intentions, am I right?  Half way through we’re unconsciously slipping back into old habits until stress, anxiety, insomnia, and just plain old burn-out starts to wave its ugly banner around the unkempt corners of our lives.

We get to the end of the year and the finish line is in sight, but now we’re wondering how on earth we’re going to make it past December in one piece (again). It’s here we rediscover that somehow we got booted back to square one – hoping the next year will be different, planning how it will be, getting ready to announce our New Year resolutions to the world one more time. The winds of good intentions fill our sails and we’re off…(again), and so the cycle continues.

I don’t know about you but I’m exhausted just reading that. But the thing that makes me sigh the mother of all sighs, is the hard truth that I somehow manage to ignore every year.

But THIS year I’m calling it out. And I invite you to do likewise.

It’s 2018 and the average woman is a freaking legend, wouldn’t you agree?

Many of us are juggling full time jobs, raising kids, tending to husbands (ha!), keeping the home in a respectable state (ha ha!), running businesses – often more than one at a time, and trying to take care of ourselves somewhere in between it all. This is also the age of the entrepreneurial woman, which if we weren’t already crazy busy enough, now we add an extra X amount of hours that don’t even exist into our overflowing schedules.

We may be freaking legends, but we’re also absolute crap at looking after ourselves.

At putting ourselves first and taking care of what our mind, body and soul need in order to keep up with said legendary behaviour.

Somehow these things always find themselves right down on the bottom of the priority list. So far down that we never actually get to see them most days, let alone activate them.

But whether we like to admit it or not, this is nobody’s fault but our own.

Repeat after me: I deserve to be healthy. I deserve to be well. I deserve to have balance in my life. I deserve time for myself. I deserve to be looked after.

But if you’re looking for a fancy fairy godmother to come and wave her magic wand and make all these deserving treats suddenly appear, you’re a little bit out of luck.

In fact, the closest you’re going to get to that magic, is when you go and look at yourself in the mirror.

You need to be your own fairy godmother.

But instead of a magic wand, you need to pick up your whip. It doesn’t have to be a mean nasty looking black whip either. It can be a sparkly one if you like.

Now lovingly whip yourself into gear.

Take ownership. Take control. Pull your name out from the depths of that black hole of a list, and put it where it belongs. Up the top girlfriend!

Here are a couple of things I am focusing on myself, and will hopefully help you too:

Put yourself first

Remember that crusty air safety card or the air hostess with the bright yellow masks? It may just be a boring safety demonstration, but the principle is sound and can be applied to many areas of life.  Put the mask on yourself first, because you’ll be no use to anyone, let alone yourself, if you don’t. You can’t expect to run a successful home, business, or life unless you take care of yourself. Yes lovely, that means putting yourself first every now and then. A hard concept to wrap our heads around for sure, but trust me when I say, it will be the difference between life and death.

Invest in yourself

You can never put a price on your health (and wellbeing). That was something a good friend said to me when I was considering investing in essential oils after a massive battle with breast cancer. Sure the bank account may only stretch so far when there are things that we want and need, but when it’s important – and yes your health and wellbeing are important – then sometimes sacrifices have to be made. Don’t be stingy on your health, and don’t be afraid to invest in yourself when needed. The dividends will pay off!

Get accountability and support

As much as that sparkly whip should get you cracking, it’s the long game that will tire you out and, as mentioned at the beginning, will often see you slipping unconsciously back into bad habits. This is where a good accountability buddy is gold! You can have one or many, it doesn’t matter – just get someone to help keep you accountable and cheer you on, especially during that mid-year slog when grey areas start magically appearing. Don’t be afraid to ask someone to help you with this, or join a group (there are so many on Facebook ) that are designed to do just this.

Happy 2018 everybody – see you at the finish line where we won’t even recognise ourselves, let alone each other!