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Tighten those Jiggly Underarms


They go under a lot of names…jiggly underarms, arm flab, chicken or bat wings, grandma arms or bingo wings. It’s that saggy, flabby loose skin under your upper arm that seems to become more and more apparent the older you get!

The first step to losing those flabby chicken wings is to decrease your body fat through diet and cardiovascular exercise. At the same time, you need to strengthen the triceps – those muscles on the back of your upper arm – which tone the muscles.

We called on Simone Kleyn of Fitness Nutritious fame to give us a set of exercises to work on to tighten and tone those muscles and reduce the jiggly underarm appearance.

Choose three exercises from the ones below and perform them 3 x per week with 2 days in between each training day.

Beginners: 2 sets of 8-12 repetitions (reps) per exercise

Intermediate: 3 sets 8-12 reps per exercise

Advanced: 4 sets 8-12 reps per exercise

If you’re able to do 12 repetitions easily then choose a more difficult exercise.

Have a 1-2 minute rest between each set.

If you can’t get to a gym then improvise… put some stones in a used plastic milk bottle or select the exercises that don’t require weights. No excuses!

  1. Narrow Arm Push Up
  2. Diamond Push Up (this can be done on the ground or against a wall)
  3. Tricep Dips
  4. Standing Tricep Extension
  5. Skull Crusher (sounds ominous!)
  6. Tricep Kickback
  7. Seated Tricep Extension

The key to seeing results from these arm exercises is form and consistency. You’re not going to get results overnight but you will see changes over time. We captured these step-by-step images of Simone demonstrating all these exercises in her Tightening Those Jiggly Underarms article in focus Magazine.

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