Business Women’s Network: Groundswell


Tauranga came alive recently with a wide range of events showcasing local inventors and organisations which are leading the way with innovative thinking and creations.

As part of the Groundswell Festival, the Business Women’s Network hosted an inspiring event at KPMG entitled From earthquakes to life savings: Innovating with your back against the wall.

Jenny Rudd, editor of UNO, MC’d the event and posed some great questions to three trailblazing women – Liz Maguire who heads up digital transformation at the ANZ: Anna Connell a digital creative and strategist who is also a columnist, commentator and writer; and Jodie Tipping, founder and chair of Tauranga-based technology consulting and development company, Cucumber.

The ladies shared their stories on how they found themselves in their respective industries, gave us tips on intentional and unintentional innovation and how Artificial Intelligence is everywhere. Liz Maguire told us about ‘Jamie’ their online AI Avatar, Jodi Tipping spoke of Cucumber’s AI innovations for their clients and Anna spoke about how the face of media is changing rapidly and bringing in so many new innovations.

There are a number of events on this weekend. Jump online to see what’s on!