Easy steps to treat work-related illness


Work-related stress is normal and even expected, but for many women it can get way too intense. These days, out of 100,000 women in the workplace, 1,880 suffer from stress, depression and anxiety. And though severe cases require special treatment, you can always start by eliminating some problems on your own.

1.If you feel overwhelmed. Feeling there’s too much to think about is a classic sign of stress. It leads to the inability to focus on a single task, not coping with your workload, a racing mind and a complete mess instead of the logical and clear to-do lists you used to have. The longer you continue to work the same way, the more that feeling of being out of control will make you feel uncomfortable. Be in charge! Even if you can’t shift the whole work process in one day, you can at least cope with some other areas. Maybe, there’s a better and calmer way to get to the office? Or, perhaps a proper homemade lunch will de-stress your lunch break? Empowering yourself with these little things will boost your confidence to cope with bigger and more difficult tasks at work.

2. If you’re not enjoying your favourite activities anymore. Lacking motivation to socialise or not willing to get back to your hobby is a clear sign of  work-related depression. To cure it, start by creating supportive healthy relationships at work – be it a mentorship or support from a colleague, or regular inspiring meetings with a good leader. Any relationships you invest in at work will improve your overall mood. It shouldn’t take long before you feel the urge to catch up with friends on a Friday night again!

3. If you’re ruining your relationships. Our closest ones always suffer from our work-related stress the most! Just imagine, you’ve had a hard day at work, you’re not feeling like your efforts are being noticed and appreciated, but you clearly can’t burst into your boss’s office with your honest, but probably a wee bit too emotional, feedback. So who’s going to listen to you blowing off steam in the evening? Your partner, of course. When so many hours of your personal life are dedicated to discussing work, working overtime or feeling ill and exhausted from work, it means you need a digital detox. Urgently! Make certain times, activities and places a completely work-free and, even better, phone-free zone. For example, your bedroom and your Sunday to begin with. Allow yourself to concentrate on the important people, not the important tasks in your life!

4. If you’re not sleeping well. Insomnia is another sign of work-related anxiety. It doesn’t only affect you physically, making you sleepy and less focused the next day, but it also has a mental impact, causing low mood and demotivation. Luckily for you, even minor changes in your sleeping habits will lead to a significant improvement! Start with these 9 tips to help you sleep well or try ‘Sweet Dreams Sleep Oil’ from ORA Aromatherapy and these foods, that will make you feel sleepy.

5. If you’re having gut issues. There’s a well-known association between how we feel and how our digestive system works. Stress at work can easily cause digestive problems, such as irritable bowel syndrome, pain and nausea. Have a look at how and what you eat during the day:a quick processed breakfast before flying out the door, lunch on the go and ordering a big, satisfying dinner from your favourite pizza place? You might want to reconsider your eating habits! Sit down and have a proper breakfast, take a homemade lunch with you to the office, snack on nuts, fruits and yoghurts and eat a light meal in the evening. Make sure to include cultured veggies to your daily diet. A healthy gut will improve your overall mood and productivity at work.

6. If you’re simply feeling ill all the time. Working extra hours and stressing out weakens the immune system and can lead to colds and headaches. Workouts are one of the lifestyle changes to make for an improvement to your mental and physical health. Walk more, take the stairs, devote 15 minutes to stretching in the morning – it’s as simple as that!