Focus magazine

Why I started focus magazine


Words Dee Collins, Editor and Publisher of focus magazine

I’m often asked why I started focus magazine and the truth is, there was no better time! I’ve always loved magazines and stationery stores always saw an increase in sales when new editions of magazines came out. Whether they covered business, health and wellbeing, food (could never resist these!), lifestyle or the monthly rags, I embraced them all. I even ventured into the world of organics and how to grow your own vegetables – sadly, I soon realized that no magazine will ever give me green fingers.


Before moving to Tauranga I spent six years blogging and published and annual wedding guide on Australia’s Sunshine Coast. It was great fun but I always felt I would love to do a women’s magazine that inspired, uplifted and motivated readers. With a move back to New Zealand and the purchase of a printing company (Sanyati Print, formerly Simpson Print) the stars started to align! What’s more we—my husband and I—brought a well-established creative/graphics team (Savant Creative) into the business. Even better than that, Savant builds websites! So there were no excuses! I just needed to seize the day and develop my idea into a magazine that women would love.


But more than anything, I didn’t want to reach my twilight years and look back with feelings of regret – regrets of unaccomplished goals and missed opportunities. Regrets that I should’ve or I could’ve. I have regrets for opportunities I chose not to take and the older I’ve become the more aware I am of the ticking clock. Life is not finite and each year seems to go faster than the one before. I’m pleased to say that I am braver now and more determined than ever to live a full and abundant life.


I am delighted that so many of you have written or spoken to me and raved about focus. You’ve loved the articles and the fact that they relate to women living in the Bay of Plenty and I love the fact that we are working together and lifting each other up. There is too much gossip and negativity in the world and my aim is to bring you positive, uplifting, inspiring and empowering articles in every issue.


Haven’t seen a copy of focus yet? We distribute 5,000 FREE magazines to high foot-traffic, hot-spot areas such as popular cafés, beauty and hairdressing salons, consulting rooms and clothing boutiques.  Copies can also be collected from the reception at our head office – n-Gon Group, 62 Tenth Ave. You’ll also find all the editions online HERE.