reasons to love winter, winter time

8 reasons why winter is awesome!


The winter breeze might be quite annoying but it brings lots of exciting moments and opportunities. Make the most out of the colder season!

Layered clothes, extra desserts and cosy evenings – there are lots of reasons to love winter. What are yours?

  1. Snow. Thankfully, not in the Bay. But all the majestic New Zealand peaks are already covered in snow. No matter, if you’re a pro-skier or just an avid breathtaking view junkie, plan a weekend getaway and embrace the beauty of the white landscapes. It’s so easy to find yourself in a lifetime love affair with the mountains!
  2. Comfort food. We definitely need more calories to survive the colder weather. It’s science! Guilt-free pizza is what winters are for! Organise a big family dinner or enjoy a pasta and wine evening all on your own.
  3. Hot drinks. Hot cocoa, hot tea – isn’t that something we all miss in summer? This winter go beyond and try some healthy and Instagram-worthy winter drinks.
  4. Reflection time. Enjoy a quiet time and reflect on your year. Find your inner harmony and make inspiring plans for the rest of the year. If you’re finding it difficult to achieve balance, here are some useful tips.
  5. Cosy clothes. Big bulky cashmere pieces are not only forgiving to those extra calories we normally consume in winter but they’re also cosy, like a much-needed mamma’s hug.
  6. Heated blankets. Seriously, isn’t this something we all secretly look forward to?
  7. Creativity. Winter is the perfect time to finally finish that giant puzzle, wipe off the dust from the easel, start a diary or simply spend some time reading a good book. You’re not spending hours at the beach anymore, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing exciting to do.
  8. Vacations. If you still think nothing can beat summer, well… It’s still summer somewhere! Ditching New Zealand winter for a summer paradise in Europe or Canada – how’s that for a plan?