Walking the Talk – when Action speaks louder than Words


Hello again beautiful busy women! Yes it’s that time again, when we get to explore the realities of balance– and begin to unpack what that looks like in the average modern day superwoman (which is all of us, right?).

Part two in our series The Pursuit of Balance (read part one here )is about to challenge all those stubborn little default settings in your life, and hopefully put a rocket under your proverbial, because this episode is all about ACTION. So for the time being, get comfortable, grab a hot cup of coffee, and let me begin by telling you just how confronting this whole thing has been for little old me.

You see, I’m a big believer in walking the talk, and in this day and age it’s just too easy to sit behind a keyboard and spout off opinions and advice without being accountable to the words that flow all too easily. Do you often wonder if the person advising you on the other end of that magazine page, radio frequency, or TV screen, is actually doing everything they are preaching about? The truth is – probably not, but that dear ones, is just a perfect example of humanity in action. Aka Imperfect.

So in the spirit of honesty let me say right from the get-go, that I’m not very good at following my own advice. Oh I try, but I am always challenged and often fall short. But not this time!! And not because this was somehow easier than the other steps. Nope, it was damn hard! But I did it to prove a point to myself, and maybe so I could authentically and legitimately type up a storm just for you.

In our last article we talked about busy brain syndrome, and how to take back control and governance of our own spaghetti-bowled minds. In this article we are going to focus on getting OUT of our heads, and actually DOING something on a regular basis to help nurture that work-life or mum-life balance. Because there is such a thing as having a life you know!

Planning to set aside time for myself, doing things I want to do (not necessarily need to), is hands down one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. And I know there are entire generations of women out there who get where I’m coming from. There are all sorts of reasons why, and we could honestly be here all day unpacking that donkey, but let’s just acknowledge the hard truth and officially decide to do something about it.

It starts with a simple yet powerful little thought: I AM WORTH IT.

Then that thought needs to convert into a walk. Aka action!

When everything else screams for your attention, it is your number one mission to hold fast to those plans where possible, and keep yourself and your self-care a priority. Why? Because … you are worth it! Keep telling yourself that, and keep reminding yourself about the airline oxygen mask analogy in my previous article. Affirm yourself enough times and it WILL stick.

SO out of practice that you’re not sure what you can do for yourself? Let me give you some ideas, and YES I have done every single one of these things since my last article. Virtual high five for me!

  • Take a walk of inspiration. Whether it’s around or up the Mount, along the beach, or in the backyard jungle. Wherever! Just get away and get your walk on!
  • Get a massage. I asked my followers on @Lifeandinsights what they would most want to do if given the opportunity and most of them said: Massage! So I went and treated myself at the brand new and very beautiful Serenity Spa in Tauranga and well … let’s just say that was the best decision I had made all week!
  • Get out in the garden or do some homemade DIY projects if that’s therapeutic for you. I love making bath bombs with my doterra essential oils, Epsom salts and citric acid/baking soda for fizz. There’s something about doing this stuff that really sends me to my happy place and you can get most of the ingredients quite cheaply at Bin Inn.
  • What’s a bath bomb without a hot bath right? On my day off last week you could find me in one place around lunch time. The bath!! I know! Crazy right? Having a bath in the middle of the day is crazy talk. But it was absolutely delicious, and I’d do it again in the next free heartbeat.
  • Don’t have a bath? I would highly recommend you book yourself a float at Zen Float Spa in Mount Maunganui. I’ve written a blog about my experience on lifeandinsights.org – THAT’s how good it was! With 500kg of Magnesium salt and one hour of no pain and aches … it’s the best thing you can do for a tired, stressed out body.
  • Get your hair done. Ok some of us do this all the time, but me? Maybe once every six months if my hair is lucky. Treating yourself to a nice hair style can help boost your confidence and make you feel absolutely worth it. The Hair Co on Cameron Road is amazing (just saying).
  • Spend some time writing in a gratitude journal. The more we focus on the positive stuff that’s happening with us and around us, the more optimistic and productive we become.

There’s something about gardening that really sends people to their happy place

There are so many things you can do for yourself, and obviously these are just a few examples that I can genuinely say I’ve trialled lately (aka walked the talk). But here’s the real challenge:

It can be relatively easy to set aside a little you-time once in a blue moon, but being consistent with self-care, forming a healthy habit, and sticking to your guns can be a daunting prospect. But like they (the scientists) say, it takes 21 days to form a habit, so really you only have to make a laser-focused effort for three weeks. Of course you can do that – you’re you after all! The rest is plain sailing and your entire life will thank you for it.

And here’s the other thing: You don’t have to do the big stuff all the time either. Try incorporating micro pauses or mini ‘you-moments’ into your routines and you will find your day will often end on a better note. What does that look like? For me, I make sure I frequently stop what I’m doing and practise a little diaphragmatic breathing. It’s amazing what a little habit like this can do to your mood, your tension and your brain capacity. That’s just one example – there are hundreds more.

So what are you waiting for beautiful busy women? Don’t just think it. Don’t just talk about it. Put those feel good thoughts into some feel good action today, and do yourself a favour and never look back.

Rebecca Tereu is a business advisor, speaker, encourager and author

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