Message to entrepreneurs – Is your square not fitting into their circle?


You, my dear, may be a budding entrepreneur!

Now, when you hear the word Entrepreneur what’s your first response or reaction? Honestly.

I mean, isn’t that just some new age fad that millennials love to shout from the Insta rooftop?

If you were to believe the hashtag hype, everyone’s an entrepreneur these days – #bossbabe #hustlehard #entrepreneurlife #millionairelife #laptoplifestyle #cough_ bullsh*t

Truth is, the word entrepreneur elicits varying responses in this day and age, and not without good reason.

It’s hard to take seriously for understandable reasons, and yet, if you were wise you would.

Let me explain…

A few years ago I joined the MBA programme at Waikato University and I will never forget when one of my professors talked to us about entrepreneurship and specifically the network/direct marketing business model. His point (in a nutshell) was when technology finally takes over (and it will), human contribution and the diminishing value of it, will become obsolete UNLESS we can find a way to cement sustainable, unique value in the workforce. And one of the only ways to do that – is to BE HUMAN. To value relationships and provide our world with what AI cannot. Heart, Soul, Love, Compassion, Connection and Creativity – all that good stuff that only humans can offer.

Yet another professor told us that in this day and age a person is likely to change their career an average of 17 times. WHAT?? Seventeen times?! And guess what? Many of those surveyed chose to explore their entrepreneurial tendencies. Case and point. Gone are the days where society expects us to work 9-5 in the same job for the rest of our lives. So what’s our problem and why are we holding back – still trying to fit our square into some imaginary circle?

If you feel like a trapped bird and spend all your time thinking about what you’d do and how high you’d fly if ever you were released, then maybe it’s time to kick the cage door yourself. Whatever that big open sky looks like – whether it’s being an entrepreneur or taking a completely different career path – give yourself permission to be creative and not waste all your time hiding behind the fear of what others may think of you.

Now I know a little something about that fear. I’ve spent the majority of my colourful career worrying about people’s perceptions – real or imagined.

You see, I wasn’t that girl who went through high school knowing exactly what she wanted to do with her life. I wasn’t that girl who graduated from university with clear intentions about how she was going to put that fancy degree to good use. I wasn’t that girl who was happy to settle for one career for the rest of her life; in fact like my mother before me, I’ve lost count of all the different pathways I’ve walked. I’m like a freak’n firework – zip this way, zap that way, boom, clap, bright colourful sparks that may or may not go anywhere (ha!). Ideas and creativity have gotten me into some pretty interesting roles and experiences. I am an entrepreneur through and through. Now some may look down their noses at my colourful display of awesomeness, and others may take the opposite stance and be mildly impressed.

The point I really want to make today is this: WHO CARES what anyone thinks!!

You have one life – JUST ONE. There ain’t no time to be sitting around worrying about how living up to your full potential is going to look to nosey Nelly or boring Brad. (No offence to anyone with those names!)

Time to ask the question: What are you really worried about?

I’ve recently read a book by Gaye Hendricks titled The Big Leap. I highly recommend you read this book if you want to “conquer your hidden fear and take life to the next level”.

There was so much that impacted me in this book, but one standout takeaway I want to share with you is the concept around operating in your ‘Zone of Excellence’, versus your ‘Zone of Genius’.

In short, you may be really good at what you do – after all, you were probably paid a lot of money to be educated, trained and qualified in that thing, right? Your zone of excellence will make you feel accomplished, needed, and validated. You may even be a little bit comfortable. But it’s your zone of genius that will really light that fire in your thirsty soul. That’s the zone where your specific and customised giftings are fully realised, and you are able to offer the world a level of genius that no one else can.


Is it so hard to believe that YOU have a zone of genius? Something only you can do in your own unique way? Unlike the zone of excellence, it’s often an uncomfortable place, or at least choosing to operate from that place for the first time can take a little courage. But once you activate and step fully into that zone of genius, you will never regret it and will experience a measure of passionate contentment only ever accessible when you discover and walk out your life’s purpose.

I’ve spent a bit of time coming to terms with the fact that this colourful square isn’t fitting into any boring circle.

And if I’m honest, I’m still working out what that looks like in my heart. But I can smell freedom, and I’m excited to be finally operating from my zone of genius. So what about you?

Some quick takeaway tips for you to nibble on:
• Don’t be embarrassed – this is your one and only life. Refuse to waste time worrying about what other people may or may not be thinking.
• Open the cage door yourself – don’t sit around on your little perch waiting for someone to come and ‘free you’. FREE YOURSELF lady!

If you’re an entrepreneur – embrace it, celebrate it, hastag the authentic *** out of it, whatever you want to do, do it. Just don’t hide that light – the world needs you! Summer is a great time to be inspired, and get those creative juices flowing.

Accept that you have a zone of genius, then figure out what it is and have the courage to step into that thing. Read the book or listen to it on Audible while you’re walking around the Mount – you’ll LOVE it, but I highly recommend you take some tissues for leaky eyes and running noses.

Rebecca Tereu

Rebecca Tereu

Rebecca Tereu is a business advisor, speaker, encourager and author